Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sundayafternoon "Time for a little nailart"

Hello everybody!
Hope you had a nice weekend!
Today we did a bit of craft. I tried some nailart.
You can see this on Youtube: Every friday Love4nails polishes her nails and decorate them with the most beautiful designs.
I'm always watching her but never did something like this.
So today I gave it a shot and try to copy one of her nailarts.

Well see for yourself and tell me what you think of it!

For this design I used:

Basecoat: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Black Polish: BeYu 318
White Polish: Longlasting nailpolish from Etos (drugstore)
Glitterpolish: Idyl nr.033
Topcoat: OPI RapiDry
Decorations from Essence

Well that was all for today sweet people.
Take care and have a great evening and till the next time.


  1. I'm tagging you for the best blog award :)

  2. Echt geweldig gedaan! Heel mooi.

  3. This is gorgeousss

    I tried doing her designs for the first time yesterday, actually is as easy as she makes it look :)

    they look fab!

  4. Gorgeous! I just started watching her videos myself. Looking forward to trying them out.

  5. She is such a lovely lady, just like you!
    Looks wonderful!

  6. Incredibly beautiful and precise, very elegant nail art!

  7. I think you did a fabulos job! It looks great!

  8. Erg gaaf gedaan, en knap ook!
    Het ziet er waanzinnig goed uit.

  9. @ Sanna: I will have a look at your blog. Thank you!

    @ Michèle: :-) Dank je lieverd. Ben er zelf best blij mee.

    @ raw_veganlondoner: Thanks for following my blog! Welcome! And thanks for your comment. Well thas nice, so a lot of people watched her video's. Which one did you made??

    @ Lily nail: Thanks Lily for stopping by on my blog and thanks for your comment.

    @ Ange-Marie: Thank you Ange-Marie! Also for stopping by on my blog!

    @ L: Yes me too, just try it out. I thought this design was difficult but I wasn't so difficult as it seems. And thank you!

    @ Thess: Yes I think so too, I watch every fridaynight. And thanks dear....

    @ Helmisusi: Thanks for your compliments!!!

    @ Evil Angel: Thanks a lot. It was for me a lot of work. But I am pleased with it.

    @ Gildedangel: Thank you!! Like it myself too.

    @ Nienna: Hoi Nienna, dank jewel. Was even werk maar werd wel mooi.

  10. Beautiful nail art, I love it :)

  11. @ Sakura: Hi....thank you for your compliment :-)

  12. Wow, how long did it take you to do all that?! It's an amazing work of art!

  13. @ Witoxicity: I don't remember exact but I think some 2 hours. It was very nice to do! Thank you!!

  14. these are amazing! almost like gels :)

  15. @ Angie: Thanks. I hear it often. People often thinks I have artifical nails. But they are natural.