Wednesday, 27 January 2010

2B nr. 211 "Pimped Frosty Lady"


Morning sweet people,

A little post from the cold and freezy Netherlands.

I pimped my nails from the day before yesterday ;-)
I used a purple glittertop, a little konad and some bling.
I'm still no good at this unfortunately but I keep on trying.
Hope you like it!

Take care and enjoy your day!
See you next time :-)


  1. You're "still not good", okay...
    Well, seeing such lovely results, I really wonder how great it could ever be if you become "good", cause that is very pretty already ! *_*

  2. Not good at it? Are you serious? You do amazing manicures, they are far better than mine!

  3. WOW! Gorgeous colour combination, I'm a sucker for purple colour:) I think you've mastered the job!

  4. Fantastisch! Leuke glitters van de Etos ook! Moet daar toch eens naar binnen lopen...

  5. @ Kyosuke: Merci beaucoup!!! I hope to get better at it but I think it's not easy to do. But I'll try..... thank you for your sweet comment.

    @ Gildedangel: Thank you for your flattering words!!

    @ KONADomania: Thank you too!!! You are all so kind!

    @ L: Thank you L.

    @ Kisten: Hey Kirsten, dank jewel!! Ja ze hebben er best leuke dingejes. Ik heb er een paar meegenomen, van die glittertopcoatjes. Nog een blauwe en een rode.
    Leuk dat je hier langskomt in elk geval :-) Je bent nog de enige!!

  6. I think it looks perfect! Your snowflake is adorable!

  7. @ Evil Angel: Hi thank you :-) Yes it's a lovely flake....there's an other on at the plate....just pretty too.

  8. Hey gipsy woman!

    Hartstikke mooi gedaan!

  9. @ Thess: Hahahaha..........dank je ;-) !

  10. Arie: And again thanks for stopping by to have a look!

  11. That's gorgeous pimping, I would say! I think you did a fantastic job with it! Oooh, I love those purples. :)

  12. extremely beautiful and georgous I love it and I love purple !!!! <3 <3

  13. extremely beautiful and georgous I love it and I love purple !!!! <3 <3

  14. @ Witoxicity: Thanks a lot!! Just practising a bit. But its getting better everytime. Yes me too :-)

    @ Tartofraises: Merci beaucoup de compliments! J'adore les pourpre aussi :-) Et bienvenue de ma blog :-)