Tuesday, 26 January 2010

O.P.I. Pink before you leap "Jumping for more"

Hello everybody!
How are you today?

I don't have much time this week so I this is a short post.
Because of my lack of time I have an old swatch.
It was one of the first photo's I took for publishing on my blog.
This was at the beginning of December 2009.
My nails were quite a bit shorter!

I used O.P.I. Pink before you leap.
I applied it on a layer of Miss Helen nr. 145.
The colors matched so great together.

Well look for yourself :-)
It looks a bit dull on the photo but IRL it looks pretty to me.

Thank you again for reading, commenting and stopping by on my blog!
Hopefully till soon............


  1. I have no doubt it looks pretty on you my dear ^^ Only not my choice again ^^
    Take care of yourself, and it's very nice taking some time to post despite your busy schedule, thank you so much. Anyway we discussed it you know what I said :)

  2. Ondanks het feit dat we het eerst een oma kleur vonden, vind ik 'm toch wel erg leuk!!

  3. @ Gildedangel: You have to see in IRL, then it's much better,its very pretty!

    @ Kyosuke: Yes I guessed that already ;-) Yes I know! I'll come back to you! Ihave got the purple one :-)

    @ Nune: Thank you Nune and nice to see you agaain!

    @ L:'s a really niced color IRL.

    @ Michèle: Knikt......ja dat is hij/zij zeker...

  4. Nice and neutral, it's perfect for work. :)

  5. @ Witoxicity: Yes you've got it all right :-) It's nice but nothing special although IRL it looks much better.