Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Herome "The green of Edinburgh"

Goodmorning dear friends,

So after the candy-nails from yesterday today a more regular mani.
Lately I met so many green polishes over here (the blogs) that I've
tried the green stuff myself.
I bought it somewhile ago and never used it before.

It's Herome nr. 116 Edinburgh. It's a frosty polish and really difficult to
apply neat.
Again this polish was a little thick, just like the other Herome's I showed before.
But it has a nice radiance.
I must say it didn't look bad at all;-) Actually I like it.

Afterwards again some konad. I think old mani's are perfect to practise!
If it doesn't succeed the disappointment is a lot less :-)
I used konad-plate nr. M51.
As you can see it didn't go as well as last one :-(
I was struggling with the pattern and when I was dotting there were lot of thin
strips at my tool.
But anyway I let you see what it became.

Well this was all for now. Still I hope you like it!
I wish you all a really great day and till next time.


  1. I think it's a beautiful green and the konad is very pretty!

  2. I love greens and it's great on you my dear :) The konad is also good, you got me back on this one after the candy nails ^^

  3. I don't think I'm fond of this green but your solution for the short plates is very creative!

  4. Really like this konad plate! Keep up the good work ;-)

  5. Great looking Konadicure :-)

  6. Great color- looking mighty fine on you too!

  7. @ Gildedangel: :-) thank you!!!

    @ Evil Angel: The konad was a practise but looks nice indeed.

    @ Kyosuke: Merci beaucoup ;-) Haha....wait till whats coming! Think you don't like it!! But I have to try everything ;-)

    @ Kirsten: Yes the plates are always too short :-( This seems to be a solution, but there are a lot of others options for it.

    @ Michèle: Thanks sweety! I will try :-)

    @ Nienna: Thank you, Yes I like the plate a lot!

    @ Nune: Thanks Nune!

    @ Ainos2: Thank you for your comlpliment!

  8. i am looking for the herome hand cream. im in australia and cant find it anywhere. I have the nail hardener..please help...