Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Contest at Nail Juice "Chocolatey Sweet!"

Hi everyone!!

There's a contest at Nail juice!!!

Go and have look over there. It is open to anyone and everyone. Starts already and ends March 31st.
There are nice things to win :-)

I made my candy-nails for fun!!

Go check it out!!!!!!!

Well see you all tomorrow!


  1. Well I like the mani with the different color, quite colorful, I like rainbow mani <3 But I don't like 3D nailarts at all, quite against what I think these arts are made for. So I'll wait until the next post to be amazed again ^^ Take care <3

  2. @ Kyosuke: Hahaha.....I know what you mean, actually it is only for the contest. Its for fun only. Normally I never would do anything like this.
    I like nail-art but no 3D. Well maybe tomorrow's post will be better.

  3. Let me lick your nailssss Mhmmmmmmmm

  4. @ Nienna: Yes I thouht so too :-) Its was just for fun and the contest of course.

  5. @ Michèle: ga weg engerd hahahaha............ ;-)
    Kom straks maar even dan :-)))))))))

  6. @ Gildedangel and @ Poshnail:

    :-) thanks girls!!!!

  7. @ Thess: Hhahahahahaha.........dank je lief mens...

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