Tuesday, 19 January 2010

O.P.I. DS Jewel "A shimmer in the Dark"

Hi sweet people,

How are you today?
Well it is already Tuesday and the week is going fast for me!!

Today I polished my nails with OPI DS Jewel. I have to say that I had a lot of problems applying it :-(
Maybe because I used a new basecoat, a OPI ridgefiller.
I cracked my thumbnail when I was twelve years old. It was between the door, the door was closed with my thumb between it. It never recovered and I have some rifles on my nail :-(
Thats why I tried the ridgefiller. Anyway I did it fast because lack of time :-(

I can not find the right word for the color.
It has some red flows but it also has something brownish or bordeaux by daylight I guess.

Maybe some of you can help me to define this color???

I tried also some konad but couldn't find the right color so I tried
white konad stamping polish. Again just for trying out.
I used plate 63.

Thanks again for looking over here! I really appreciate it :-)
Well this was all for today. Have a lovely day and I see you around.


  1. It's a lovely color, kind of a rusty red/brown.

  2. @ Gildedangel: Goodmorning!! Yes its beautiful,it has a very little red miniglitter in it. You hardly see it but its there.

    @ Evil Angel: In the bottle it seems mor red then brown and by daylight it looks a little bordeax too I think.

  3. Hey Romika :) For me it looks like a mix between chocolate & honey :p I don't like it much, but your Konad is well done <3

  4. @ Kyosuke: Thanks for your comment ;-)
    Yes the konad went well! But the patterns did not always fit, so you me be creative with it. This one is was oke but some others aren't so easy to apply properly.

  5. Very nice konading! To me it looks like coffee with cream. Lovely!

  6. Gorgeous, the konad looks great on this polish! about the colour, it looks brown, a bit of red in it, but it also has some subtle gold shimmer, don't knoW:)

  7. Like I said earlier, great colour! I also like it with the konad. :)

  8. @ Helmisusi: :-) thanks, hahaha.....yes you're right! It looks like that :-)

    @ KONADomania: Yes I liked the konad too! The color is pretty but still I am not in love with it. In the botlle its much prettier :-)

    @Nune: Yes....but thanks anyway for your visit and comment!!

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  10. with the stamping it reminds me of mint chocolate. yum!

  11. @ Angie: Yes I agree :-) Recently I spotted some simular nails at an other blog and I had the same thought as you did now.

  12. It looks like the color I would imagine hot chocolate diluted with caramel would be - random, I know, lol The swatch however is lovely and I featured it on my blog so I wanted to come by and give you a heads up!

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