Thursday, 28 January 2010

Essence Go Snow

Goodmorning everyone!

How's life! Here it's still very busy :-(
But I had to post a little thing today!
Last week I bought the new polishes from Essence : "Go Snow"
They look very cute in their sweet little bottles.
Very sweet pastelcolors they are!
Well as you can see on the pictures it became a mess :-)
I was a little bit impatient and put it on 3 times, then I quit :-(
I made a few pictures which were horrible too, so this was not a
great succes for me.
The finish is also not nice.
I had to put 4 layers on my nails and still it didn't covers.
It's a very frosty polish.
Anyway nothing for me though. Even the colors I didn't like on
my nails.
But I wanted to show them anyway.

They come in 3 shades:
01 Snow Bunny (soft pink)
02 Frostbite (soft lilac)
04 Alpine Snow (soft blue)

Number 3 is I suppose not availble in The Netherlands, no one can find it here!

You can admire this collection on the website of Essence

This was it again for now. I wish you all a very nice day and till next time.
Thank you all for watching again.


  1. I wasn't to happy with these colours either so I decided not to pick them up. You could always use them for frankening. Maybe add a bit of a darker colour to make them more opaque or layer them over other darker colours. That can give awesome effects sometimes.

  2. @ Gildedangel: Thanks, but I don't like it on my nails :-(

    @ Kirsten: Yes you're right! Think we gonna try that!!! I think it's nothing for me this collection. Lets experiment :-)

  3. These could be really great to layer with but they look really difficult for a full mani.

  4. Ja misschien idd leuke Frankies maken :-), maar vind ze je wel lief staan :-) , jammer dat ze zo slecht dekken..

  5. Ah een tegenvaller dus?
    Met kleuren zijn we te verwend dames.. :P

    Maar je nagels zien er prachtig uit hoor! <3

  6. @ Mighty Lambchop: Yes I guess too! I had a lot of trouble with them, to get it on my nails the right way.

    @ Michèle: Knikt ja kunnen we misschien wel een keertje doen! De kleurtjes op zich vind ik ook wel schattig maar de finish is niet goed vind ik.

    @: Thess: Ja vind van wel. Maar wilde ze tch uitproberen. Ik was alleen tge ongeduldig en heb niet voldoende tijd genomen om het er mooier op te krijgen helaas.
    Dank je!!

  7. I'm not satisfied with them either. I use them as base for nail art. :)

  8. @ Gejba: Thanks for stopping by! Yes you're right. I shall try it out! :-)

  9. Ik heb deze nog niet geprobeerd. Ik vind de flesjes echt schattig! :D Jammer van de kwaliteit.....

  10. @ Witoxicity: Ja ze zijn om op te vreten :-)Zien er heerlijk uit maar daar is ook alles mee gezegd helaas. Ik vond het helemaal niks. Maar zoals in een eerdere post werd gesuggereerd misschien met iets eronder. Of inderdaad een frankie mee of van maken.