Friday, 22 January 2010

La Femme Beauty "The anonymous pink"

Hi everyone, how are you doing today???

I was very busy the last days but made some time to post here.
Yesterday evening I looked to my polish collection and chose an pink polish.
I bought it some time ago. And it has no name :-( The brand is La Femme Beauty.
I had to put 3 layers of polish otherwise it didn't covers.
I personally like the color. Its a very sweet one.
Of course my collegues had to make all kind of comments :-)
Ahhh.....what ever :-) I asked them today, "you never like my colors, so please tell me what you do like!!!!!!!!"
You guessed it already :-( Their answer: Ehmmm I don't know .... ehmm maybe something reddish.....or silver.......etc" Men !!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha...............

Well it applied very easy this polish but it has some "chunks" in it.
I mean it isn't smooth after polishing.
I covered it with the OPI RapiDry but it still shows some bubbles :-(

Of course I tried some konad......

Well this was it again!
Thanks for stopping by again!


  1. I think it a beautiful color on you!
    You tell those men that until they start polishing their nails they aren't allowed to say anything other than how pretty your polish is!

  2. That mani is so pretty! Freaking men, they need to learn to be nice!

  3. Sweet, sexy on you, but I prefer way much the konad version ofc ^^ This one is well done with a bit of nailart (liner & dots :p)

  4. Hi Evil Angel,
    I like it myself very much, it's a sweet color. Today they judged the konad. Hahaha....well some liked it, some don't. Well they will get used to it.

  5. Hi Gildedangel, thanks, I like it too!! They will come around some day ;-)

  6. Kyosuke! Thank you! It's getting better, the konad but I am still not satisfied with it. I think it's difficult to get the stamp at the right spot.

  7. Jouw nagels zijn gewoon langer dan de mijne, niet eerlijk!!

  8. Michèle ;-) die van jou zijn ook al weer op weg!!!

  9. Mooi kleurtje, en leuke Konad!

  10. Toyota Prius Steering Rackemail leads
    Awwwww Romika... I'm so sorry to dissapoint you, but... I love it on you ! ^^
    Ruby Pump really is one of those rare red polishes that I do like, it is so special ^^
    To be honest it's already in the order I did last weekend for my honey <3
    Sorry, you won't get rid of me that easily ^^