Saturday, 30 January 2010

Konad "Nubar and China Glaze love each other"

Hi dear people,

A Konad-post from a very white Holland :-) Yes it snowed al lot
this night and when we woke up the whole word was white!!!
Wohhhh I love it....and the sun was shining so it was a awesome day
today!!! I was a pleasure to walk outside in the crispy snow.

Well after that I did a little konad.
I used my mani from yesterday, the Nubar duochrome Moon Shadow.
I stamped it with China Glaze Millennium and I used Konadplate M65.

I have to say that the Millennium is outstanding for konad.
Wauw what a gorgeous polish to use.
Unfortunately the full konad-plates are way to short for my
nails. So I had to do a double pattern on my nails. On my thumb
I should use two and a half :-( But I didn't.

Well that was a whole new job for me to do.
But it went quit well for the first time.

I decorated my lefthand with some nailart-stickers.
They look like little strass/rhine stones.
My righthand nails were only stamped with the plate.

I hope you like it, It was again some practising, but was fun to do.
Thanks again for stopping by on my blog, its always a pleasure to see you here!!
Thank you!!
Take care and till next time.
Love from Holland.


  1. I love it both ways! Beautiful as always!

  2. @ Evil Angel: Sweet words :-) Thanks!

  3. That looks so beautiful, I love it!

  4. @ Nienna: Hoi....dank je! Hoe is het met je helemaal klaar??

  5. Hoi Romika, you did a great stamping! nice combo, they look so cute! I also love millennium for stamping!.
    Here too is very cold :)

  6. Ja, rapporten zijn af gelukkig, altijd weer een hele klus.
    Morgen weer lakken! ;-)

  7. I love the roses and the colors you chose! So pretty :)

  8. Duochrome, Millenium... *speechless* *_*

  9. Prachtig!
    (En ik ben helemaal niet blij met die *&^#*@*#@% sneeuw...) O-)

  10. I tagged you!!!

  11. Ik vind deze zo leuk! Jammer dat ie er zo weer af gaat ;-)

  12. @ Arie: Hi Arie....yes I read it on your blog about the blizzard. Poor birdies!! And indeed Millennium is awesome. Thanks!

    @ Gildedangel: Thanks, I thinks its pretty too.

    @ AllYouDesire: Thanks, yes its a pretty design, but I nevr know to choose :-)

    @ Kyosuke: :-) Yes that's a great combo!!!

    @ Thess: Dank je....sorry.....heb je veel last van de sneeuw daar?

    @ Nune: Nice to see you here!! Thanks...

    @ Melinda: Thanks, I will have alook at it!

    @ Michèle: Knikkerdeknik....ja vind ik ook!!!! Maar is tijd voor iets nieuws.

  13. Oh, beeeautiful!! Both L and R hands! I wonder when I could ever get to that level of success with stamping. :P

  14. @ Witoxicity: Thanks for your compliments :-) It wasn't easy to do because of the double stamping. I'm just practising ...... but thanks!!