Saturday, 16 January 2010

Herome "A trip to Nairobi and Monaco"

Goodmorning everyone,

Hope you had a good night sleep last night!
I wish you all a very nicy and happy day!

For today I also looked in my magic box ;-)
I found something what was a test for me.
I didn't like the grey color but tried it anyway.
I must say that my husband was laughing at me.
He asked me "did you paint your nails with concrete paint!!!!".
And obviously he didn't liked it much.
The next morning when I came in at the office my colleques,
who are all men, had to have a look ofcourse!
They were laughing and asking me simular questions about
the color and they also didn't liked it.
At the office they judge my nails everytime when I
change it, by lack of women over there.
I'm really having fun with them :-)

Well this mani I made a while back.
It is W.I.C. by Herôme.
They have nice names and they remind you of a nice
First I applied Herome Nairobi 123, its a creamy grey color
which is very shiny on your nails.
Applying was easy the first time, the second time it became
already gloppy :-(
I was quickly bored of it and made a french manicure with
Herome Monaco 125.
This is also a grey shade but it has a light glitter-shimmer,
I think.
It made the mani a little more alive.

Well this was all for today!
Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog and see you soon!!!

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  1. That is a beautiful grey, and I love the french tips!

  2. It's funny that your "guys" are so into your nails, usually noone would care, at least you have a "public" to enjoy your manicures ;)
    I do like it, it's unusual but not weird. But I hate the french, cause I hate about all colored french beside the common white/pink one. *That* is weird to me :p

  3. Leuk Romika!

    Ik hou van French in alle soorten en maten. :)

  4. Love this funky french! Very stylish :-)

  5. @ Gildedangel: Thanks, the tips give it something special I guess. Btw you have a nice blog :-)

    @: Kyosuke: Well the men are actually "forced" to look..... ;-) because there are only two women who aren't much into nailpolish things. But nowadays they check every morning for a new look!!
    Well a lot of people don't share the same taste of course and that might be better too I think.
    Personally I like it! But a regular French is attractive to me too. Anyway, thanks again for your comment.

  6. @ Thess: Ja ik ook!!!!!!!!! En ik vind die grijze zelf wel erg mooi.

    @ Yes I like it too, this funky stuff ;-)

  7. I love this french and grey really suits you.

  8. Ik vind hem met French mooier denk ik!

  9. @ MiMu: Thanks! :-)

    @ Nienna: Ja ik deel je mening :-)

  10. This test came out pretty good!, I like your husband's comment ^_^, I can say my hubby will say the same thing.

  11. Love your nails! Your DH will come around. Before long he will be choosing colours for you and making suggestions :)

  12. @ Arie: Yes indeed :-) Just like a lot of others! But I got used to it during wearing this mani. And it wasn't so bad as it seems to be.

    @ NailsIt: Thank you for visiting my blog :-)
    Thanks for your compliment! Do you think??? I have to say that his interest is growing the past days. He was fond of the Nfu-Oh from a couple of days ago.

  13. I love the grey but I'm a huge fan of grey cremes in general. The tips look great, the contrast is very fitting.

  14. @Romika, I'd say any man should get one day into his wife passion, share the happyness with her. So yes I also think he will soon or late :) I already do so for my honey, so it's not just an utopia ^^

  15. @ Mighty Lambchop: Thanks! I have to say that its a very creamy one. And with the contrasting tips I liked it more myself.

    @ Kyosuke: :-) Merci beaucoup!

  16. @ Annigje: Thank you. Very creamy and shiny polish indeed.

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