Sunday, 28 February 2010

Misa in love with O.P.I.

Goodmorning sweet readers!

After posting yesterday with Misa “Forbidden Lust” I topped it
With the gorgeous OPI Holo DS Original. Only 1 coat.

I tried to make some nice pictures yesterday but it was a bit
too dark outside.
So I had to make the pictures by artificial light.
Maybe next time when I make a new post about Forbidden Lust
I’ll try OPI once again and show you better pictures.

What do I have to say about the gorgeous holo…….
Besides that the Misa makes the holo wonderfull…………
I don’t know, just that I love it very much.
I’m a sucker for holo’s and do love them so much.

Well I hope you like them anyway!
See you next time and for now take care as always.

Love from me……….

Saturday, 27 February 2010

Misa "Forbidden Lust"

Goodevening my sweet readers!

Today especially a mani for my loyal visitor Kyosuke from the first minute!
He send me this gorgeous nailpolish as a gift!
Guillaume merci beaucoup pour le cadeau magnifique!!!!
Je suis très heureux :-)))
Today I'm having a rather sad day because of personal things.
So I wasn't so concentrated making my pictures and everything.
I will make a new post later for you.
For now I hope you like it!

This gorgeous purple polish is a real eyecandy :-)
It's structure is very delicate and it applies like butter.
I needed three coats of it.
I think it is an awesome brand and a great formula.
I love it very much and I hope you all do like it too.

I hope to see you soon again.
Thank you all for visiting and commenting on my blog.
Take care now!

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Herôme "Johannesburg in style"

Dear readers!

How are you? I hope you're doing all fine.
Over here still busy but I guess everyone has that issue.

I want to thank you all for your interest in my giveaway! so far.
I am so happy with you all, so many of you participated in it already!
For those who didn't enter yet please don't forget to do! It is open till the 14th of March.

During the past days I noticed a young lady who has a nailblog too! Her name is Distantdreamer (Kayla) and she started blogging the 18th of January this year. It would be nice if you visit her sometimes. You can find her over here at
Glamorous Geek Chic

Today a post from a mani from a few days ago.
I put some Konad on my Johannesburg polish and it looked cute afterwards":-)

I hope you like it!
I used Herôme W.I.C. polish and Konad white stamping polish and plate nr. M-51.

For now I wish you all a great evening and see you soon!
Take care everyone, love from me.

Monday, 22 February 2010

100 followers! Never thought of this! That's time for a giveaway!!!


My dear readers,

I started this blog because of my daughter Michèle from Lacquerized.
She's also responsible for my renewed interest in nailpolish.
She said: Mom start blogging too, it's so nice doing!
So I started my own blog on January the 12th.
I tried to post everyday but because of my busy job and household
I couldn't keep up with that.
So that's why I post when I really have time for it.
Relaxing and polishing, doing some nailart.
Yes I really like doing this.
In the past weeks I had such a lot of sweet followers here
and you are all so very kind for me all the time.
Your always sweet comments make me shy :-)
That's why I decided to do a giveaway at 100 followers.
I thank you all for following, commenting and reading my blog!
I'm very happy to be here among such friendly and sweet people.
THANKS!!!!! Especially Natasja who brought me to a 100!

So I am happy to give a beautiful set of Herôme to one of you!
Everything is brandnew.
Herôme is a Dutch brand what exist now almost 25 years!
You can check the website of Herôme for info.

It includes the following wonderfull things:
4 nailpolishes:
nr. 95 London, a bright flashy red purple.
nr. 107 Dakar, a beautiful creamy purle polish.
nr. 115 New Delhi, a gorgeous creamy dusty aqua green polish.
nr. 120 Frankfurt, a bright-darkblue cream polish.

My nails are done with my own polishes!

Then for finishing your mani I give away a 75 ml flacon
of Rapid Nail Dry. It drys your polish in 1 minute.

To keep your hands smooth and moisturized a nice handcream
SPF 8.

And to keep your nails in absolute shape a Glass Nail File
in Travelsize. A must have for your nails.

I hope you like this!

How you can become the owner of this giveaway?
Well let me tell you!

This are the rules:

1. You must be a follower on my blog. Leave me a comment with your email adress to let me know you are a follower.

2. Everybody can participate, whatever your residence is.

3. Optional: (but you have to be a follower of my blog)
    - You can earn extra entries by reposting this giveaway on your blog, please be sure to leave the link in the commentbox. Feel free to use my pictures in your post.
    - Follow me on twitter and tweet about it, please leave a comment to let me know.

4. This giveaway is open till the 14th of March 11:59pm - CET

5. The winner will be drawn randomly and I will notify her/him by email.

So....If you decide to join this giveaway I wish you all so much luck!

Thanks again for your support and visiting my blog.
I love you all.

Love from Karin

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Herôme "Safari in Johannesburg"

Hello everyone!

How was your weekend? Hope you all had a relaxing and happy time.
Today it's Sunday so I made some time to do my nails.
The wheather outside is grey and it's raining all day.

Lately I bought a lot of new polishes from Herôme.
The brand has a lot of colors and I love a lot of them.
For today I picked a nice kind of taupe color.
Its lovely name is Johannesburg nr. 72.

Applying went just well, I did two layers.
It is a very creamy polish and I love it so much!
I have to say that it was a little thick but with some thinner
it worked okay.

My nails looks a bit curved here and there but it's because of the light I guess.

I have decided that when I reached my 100 followers I will do
a nice giveaway containing products from Herôme!
I hope you will like that!

Well that was it for now. I wish you a nice evening and see
you next time.
Take care sweet people.
Thanks again for stopping by on my blog.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Giveaway at Laquerized.

Hi dear readers,

My very sweet and lovely daughter Michèle from Lacquerized. has reached her 250 followers!!!
Yeah!!!! She has a great blog and the most beautiful nails you've seen :-)))
This is what she is giving away:

and another set

So rush to her blog and check out how you can participate on this giveaway!
Good luck to you all!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Koh is going Antique

Hello dear people,

Well another day! Today it is a very grey day in Holland.
Just raining and very windy over here. And then I don't mention
the cold.....brrrrrrrrr....
It's time for spring, sun and light :-)
Guess we have to wait for that some more time.

I was thinking this afternoon what to do with my mani.
ofcourse I am still wearing my Green Stardust from Koh.
But as I told you yesterday I was a bit disappointed with it.
What reminds me to say that I thank you all so much for all of
your sweet comments.
That really means a lot to me!

Well I decorated Green Stardust with a little stamping and some
striping and dotting.

I used my favorite "Millennium" from China Glaze for stamping and
For striping I used a nice silver one from Essence "Silver Star".
This time I used the Delaney plate number H22.

I wish you all a very nice evening and for those with the
timedifference maybe a nice day, morning or midday!
Take care for now and I will see you next time.
Thanks for stopping by again.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Koh Green Stardust 201 "The Olive Star"

Good evening my sweet readers,

Hope you are doing great!
I had a very busy day at the office. I was glad coming home
today. Ofcourse I wanted to post something new today but my eyes are already
very sleepy :-)

Well today I show you a mani from two days ago.

This is a nailpolish from Koh.
I think it's a lovely color and it applied well.
I did two layers of it.
It is an olivegreen polish with beautiful green flakies in it.
It was a disappointment to be honest.
I do not see the glittering spark from the flakies.
Not with a topcoat nor with a flash-photo.

I took these photos outside in the snow.

Well take a look at it and please tell me what you think of it!
I'm off for bed now and hope to see you all soon.
Take care and till next time.

Love from me......