Friday, 5 February 2010

Nfu-Oh 65 "Another Holographic One"

Hello dear readers,

How are you all? Hope you are all well.
I didn't had time to polish my nails and to make pictures the past week :-(
But today I have a little more time.
So I polished my nails again and will post somewhere later this weekend.
For now I have something from two weeks ago or so.

I tried my other holographic Nfu-Oh, number 65.
I really am in love with these holo's from Nfu-Oh!
I think they are gorgeous.
Although I didn't took the time for a real good picture I'll post it
anyway. Next time I will make better ones.

What awesome lady isn't she!!!

Well a bit of a short post for now. But I still hope you like it.
For now take care and have a great evening.


  1. Simply lovely *_* I love the blue part of this holo <3

  2. i love this holo !!!! perfect on you :)

  3. Zucht, Nfu Oh maakt toch wel de prachtigste holos
    Vind hem heel erg mooi bij je staan!

  4. Prachtig!
    Als het aan mij lag plakte ik dat flesje op mijn nagels. Dat is bijna net zo mooi als de lak zelf. <3

  5. @ Kyosuke: Thank you :-) Yes the blue is very pretty.

    @ Lily nail: Thanks, and yes its a great holo!

    @ Gildedangel: Yes me too ;-)

    @ Thess: Dank je dear :-)/Thank you dear :-)

    @ Michèle: Ja zijn inderdaad prachtige kleuren en holo's. Ik hou van ze./ Yes indeed beautiful holo's. I love them.

    @ Kisten: Dank je! Ja inderdaad, zo een prachtige vormgeving. Ik ben helemaal weg van Nfu-Oh. / Thanks! Yes indeed, a really beautiful design. I am totally bowled over by Nfu-Oh.

  6. Gorgeous! The holos look even better on longer nails, like yours<3

  7. A short post it may be, but the pictures did the talking. This is indeed a very very pretty polish. It looks fab on you. :)

  8. @ Witoxicity: Thanks!!!! I love them Nfu-Oh's!!!!