Thursday, 18 February 2010

Koh Green Stardust 201 "The Olive Star"

Good evening my sweet readers,

Hope you are doing great!
I had a very busy day at the office. I was glad coming home
today. Ofcourse I wanted to post something new today but my eyes are already
very sleepy :-)

Well today I show you a mani from two days ago.

This is a nailpolish from Koh.
I think it's a lovely color and it applied well.
I did two layers of it.
It is an olivegreen polish with beautiful green flakies in it.
It was a disappointment to be honest.
I do not see the glittering spark from the flakies.
Not with a topcoat nor with a flash-photo.

I took these photos outside in the snow.

Well take a look at it and please tell me what you think of it!
I'm off for bed now and hope to see you all soon.
Take care and till next time.

Love from me......


  1. I love your nails - perfect shape, length...everything. Love the color too and the packaging is just too cute!

  2. Subtle flakies, I would call it. :D But it still looks great on you and the colour is such a perfect match for the case too!

  3. I just love your nails! Pretty color too, but Koh is waaaay out of my budget for a nailpolish haha.

  4. If you want something similar with more prominent flakies, try No. 257 by Alessandro! It's from last summers Vamp LE, so I don't know if they still have it, though...

  5. Oh, this is so pretty, and that packaging is stunning! I gather it's expensive though? Shame, especially if you were disappointed!

  6. It's stunning and the packaging is adorable!

  7. This looks wonderful on you Romika! While not as sparkle-y as you had hoped, it's very classyy looking.

  8. Hey miss <3 This one is a bit too dark for me, when I saw olive I thought about a little bit greener ^^

  9. i understand the flakies frustration :)
    still a beautifull color and a great polish job!

  10. @ Nihrida: Thank you for your compliments! Yes the color is almost the same as its package.

    @ Witoxicity: Yes I think thats the right appellation for it. They are subtle indeed.

    @ Lauren: Hey that's nice to see you here! Thank you for your compliment. Well you could save for one sometimes. They are very pretty!

    @ Thess: Thanks, dank je meis.

    @ Rock 'n' Nails: Thanks for your suggestion. I will check it out!

    @ Gildedangel: Thank you dear.

    @ Nicole: Thank you Nicole! Yes Koh knows how to pack their polishes :-) Here they cost about 14 euro's.

    @ Evil Angel: I agree and yes the package is indeed very charming. Great wrappage from Koh!

    @ Ainos2: Thank you so much for your compliments. :-)

    @ Kyosuke: Maybe its the light. I think IRL that it looks like Olive....But thanks for commenting.

    @ Crys: Yes that was a bit... well you know. But I agree about the color. And thanks for your compliment.

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