Friday, 19 February 2010

Koh is going Antique

Hello dear people,

Well another day! Today it is a very grey day in Holland.
Just raining and very windy over here. And then I don't mention
the cold.....brrrrrrrrr....
It's time for spring, sun and light :-)
Guess we have to wait for that some more time.

I was thinking this afternoon what to do with my mani.
ofcourse I am still wearing my Green Stardust from Koh.
But as I told you yesterday I was a bit disappointed with it.
What reminds me to say that I thank you all so much for all of
your sweet comments.
That really means a lot to me!

Well I decorated Green Stardust with a little stamping and some
striping and dotting.

I used my favorite "Millennium" from China Glaze for stamping and
For striping I used a nice silver one from Essence "Silver Star".
This time I used the Delaney plate number H22.

I wish you all a very nice evening and for those with the
timedifference maybe a nice day, morning or midday!
Take care for now and I will see you next time.
Thanks for stopping by again.


  1. Oh lekker dat je toch nog even de tijd heb gehad voor je nagels.. ;)

    Ziet er weer hartstikke mooi uit! <3

  2. Just beautiful...and I can't think of a more fitting pattern....very antique looking - maybe ceiling pilasters? Not sure, but very pretty!

  3. Oh Romika! That looks so amazing <3

  4. Oh, I think that looks perfect over the Koh polish! Gorgeous.

  5. Oeh la la , nice! Heb je leuk gedaan :-)

  6. Wah nice one ! Told you I didn't like much the polish, but there you made such a great work I really love the overall ^^ Absolutely pretty <3

  7. Beautiful! Great composition, color choice and konading skills. =)

  8. @ Thess: Ja van alles tussendoor gedaan. Pfff....maar alles is weer achter de rug nu. Moet even kijken wat vandaag brengt, heb nog wel het een en ander te doen hier.

    @ yardsticks 4 lunatics: Thank you so much! Yes I think it succeeded, the pattern suits the color.

    @ Michelle: Thanks dear!

    @ Nicole: Yes I think so too :-) I like it myself very mich.

    @ Gildedangel: Thank you!

    @ Michèle: Dank je meiske.....ja is wel aardig gelukt.

    @ Kyosuke: Merci beaucoup pour les compliments! Yes I think it looks very nice too. The overall is indeed looking pretty to me.

    @ Nihrida: Thank you so much, used some antique bottle for my picture, the colors were very nice matching with each other :-)

  9. You've made it into a very pretty mani! Looks very opulent. :)

  10. @ Witoxicity: Thank you so much! Yes I thought it was a real good combo. Suits great with teh antique bottle.

  11. How are you today? Hope you had and will have a great day!!
    Everything was very busy today and tonight I wanted to polish my nails and do something nice with them.
    But it didn't worked out unfortunately! It didn't became as I had in mind.
    So its a little boring mani. But I haven't seen it by daylight and it could be a surprise tomorrow morning. I'll wait and see.
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