Saturday, 6 February 2010

Deborah Milano Nr. 17 " Sparkling Glam"

Goodevening dear people,

How are you doing all?
Well as you all can see my blog has new look. My daughter Lacquerized. did a very nice job and gave it a new look.
I can tell you that I'm very happy with it.
Thanks again sweety :-) Love you!!

And what a little sweet bird if got now :-) I'm in love with the little one.

For now again something from the past.
I saw a polish-brand which I hadn't seen before and I bought one of their colors.
Again I can not tell what color it is:-(
It looks a little copper red, or brownish red. I really don't know.
But its a lovely color. Photo was taken with flash which made the original color
changed a bit :-(
I will do this mani sometimes later again and make better pictures of it.

The brand is Deborah Milano, Shine Tech and it is number 17.

Afterwards I did some konad and used plate nr. M59 just for trying out.
I stamped with China Glaze Millennium.

For now this short post.
I will be back later this weekend with a new mani and post.

Have a nice evening and take care :-)


  1. I'm glad you like it! Have fun with it :-)
    Love you too!

  2. I like your new blog, it looks great! Michèle did a great job. :)

    And it's getting quite boring, but hey: your nails look amazing, and I like the colour of the polish and the Konad.

  3. Whoohoo!

    New look!


  4. Nice twist at the end with the bows. :D

  5. @ Michèle: Love it very much!!!!!!!!!! Thanks again sweety.

    @ Michelle: Thank you dear, yes she did a great job. I love it and her ofcourse. And thanks for your kind comments :-)

    @ Gildedangel: Thank you!

    @ Thess: Yeahhhhhh! Looks cool don't you think :-)

    @ Witoxicity: Hi Welocme, thanks for stopping by on my blog! And thanks for your comment.

  6. I though I did comment that one, seems I forgot >_<
    I like the polish on you, not the color, but it's pretty *on you*. On a second hand though, I do love the Konad, it really is cute and pretty, that makes your hands gorgeous <3

  7. @ Kyosuke: Thank you for your kind comment!!
    I ordered with Delaney's so I will get new plates.......I am curious after them!