Sunday, 7 February 2010

A little purple comparison

Goodevening everyone!

As I said today a new mani.
I've tried some purple ones to make a comparison for the color.

I'm not very good at this but I will give it a try.

I searched for some nice purple colors in my stash and came up with these ones:

Indexfinger: H&M Goddess On Stage: 3 layers and appling went good.
Middle finger: Max Nails Purple: 3 layers and applying wasn't easy. Thin polish.
Ring finger: Essence Show your feet Purple Magic 03: 2 layers Really easy to apply.
Pinkie: H&M Fashionista: 3 layers but nice to apply.

Indexfinger: Gosh Gasoline 541: 5 layers, application wasn't very good.
Middlefinger: China GlazeLOL 637 (holo): 3 layers, also difficult to apply.
Ring finger: H&M Wicked Purple: 3 layers and application was good.
Pinkie: Collistar Viola Glitter 043: 3 layers but great application.

Again troubles making the photo's :-(
We have a lightbox but I'm not good at it.
So some pictures are from the lightbox and some are under artifical light.

Well I'm just a starter with this and next time I'll to try to be more specific about everything.

Afterwards a little konad.
As you can see the konadplates are much to small for my nails.
I ordered with Delaney's so they might have a better fit for my nails.

Well this was it again for now.
Don't know when I've got time for a new post but you will see it!!

Have a nice evening and take care and see you next time.


  1. Hey dat zijn leuke konad plates! Vooral die twee soorten ruitjes en die pied de poule, erg leuk mam!!

  2. @ Michèle: Knikt ja dat vind ik ook wel, zijn best grappig alleen jammer dat ze te klein voor mijn nagels zijn, dan moet je dubbel stempelen en daar ben ik niet echt goed in nog.

  3. Max Nails looks beautiful!
    Purples are always hard to photograph. Sometimes it helps to focus your camera on something white first.

  4. Great comparison, though these purples are so hard to photograph!

  5. Leuke post!
    Mooie nagels!
    Leuke Konad!

    Nah, helemaal goed toch? =)

  6. Oh Romika, wat een leuke post! En mooie nagels, en de Konad is helemaal leuk!

  7. @ Kirsten: Yes, I know, next time I have to take more time for shooting. Now I was to impatient :-(

    @ KONADomania: Thank you! Yes but I had to do more about the comparison. Had to tell more about the differences between them. Well next time better. And yes its hard to capture the right colors.

    @ Thess: :-) Thanks, ja denk het ook!

    @ Michelle: Dank je wel :-) ja die konads zijn leuk alleen moet ik ze dubbel of 2 x dwars stempelen om de hele nagel te bedekken.

    @ Gildedangel: Tnahks.

  8. absolutely awesome! Keep up the good work, I really enjoyed this post!

  9. @ Charis: Welcome on my blog! Thanks for the compliments.I will try to do so!

  10. Ik hou van comparisons, allemaal mooie kleuren paars ( de collistar en China Glaze heb ik ook en kan er toch naar blijven kijken) !!!! En ik ben altijd beetje jaloers op mensen die zo mooi kunnen Konad-en...

  11. @ polishsis: Welkom en leuk dat je langskomt op mijn blog! Ja prachtig zijn ze heh die paarse....ik ben er ook dol op. En wat betreft het konad, dat ben ik ook nog aan het leren hoor. Pff is best lastig om het netjes te doen. En het past allemaal niet op mijn nagels. Maar ik krijg binnenkort grotere plates dus wie weet lukt het daar wel beter mee.

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