Sunday, 31 January 2010

Sundayafternoon "Time for a little nailart"

Hello everybody!
Hope you had a nice weekend!
Today we did a bit of craft. I tried some nailart.
You can see this on Youtube: Every friday Love4nails polishes her nails and decorate them with the most beautiful designs.
I'm always watching her but never did something like this.
So today I gave it a shot and try to copy one of her nailarts.

Well see for yourself and tell me what you think of it!

For this design I used:

Basecoat: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Black Polish: BeYu 318
White Polish: Longlasting nailpolish from Etos (drugstore)
Glitterpolish: Idyl nr.033
Topcoat: OPI RapiDry
Decorations from Essence

Well that was all for today sweet people.
Take care and have a great evening and till the next time.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Konad "Nubar and China Glaze love each other"

Hi dear people,

A Konad-post from a very white Holland :-) Yes it snowed al lot
this night and when we woke up the whole word was white!!!
Wohhhh I love it....and the sun was shining so it was a awesome day
today!!! I was a pleasure to walk outside in the crispy snow.

Well after that I did a little konad.
I used my mani from yesterday, the Nubar duochrome Moon Shadow.
I stamped it with China Glaze Millennium and I used Konadplate M65.

I have to say that the Millennium is outstanding for konad.
Wauw what a gorgeous polish to use.
Unfortunately the full konad-plates are way to short for my
nails. So I had to do a double pattern on my nails. On my thumb
I should use two and a half :-( But I didn't.

Well that was a whole new job for me to do.
But it went quit well for the first time.

I decorated my lefthand with some nailart-stickers.
They look like little strass/rhine stones.
My righthand nails were only stamped with the plate.

I hope you like it, It was again some practising, but was fun to do.
Thanks again for stopping by on my blog, its always a pleasure to see you here!!
Thank you!!
Take care and till next time.
Love from Holland.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Nubar Moon Schadow "The Awesome One"

Dear friends,

I have a little more time at the moment so I took a shot at it!

Today a rainy day in Holland.
I wanted to make some pictures but the wheater was dark and wet.
But late this afternoon a little sun was peaking between the clouds and I
hurried to make my pictures.

I just received some pretty bottles of Nubar yesterday so I tried one of
them immediately :-)
I tried Nubar Moon schadow.

Wauw gorgeous colors it has!!!! I fel in love right away ;-)
Its a very rich berry purple.
It has green and browns flahes in it. It really stunning.

It was difficult to photograph it.
Well I gave it my best shot in the little sun so take a look at it!!

This picture was taken indoors with flash!

I hope you've enjoyed it!
I wish you all a great coming weekend and hope too see you soon!!

Love from Holland........

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Essence Go Snow

Goodmorning everyone!

How's life! Here it's still very busy :-(
But I had to post a little thing today!
Last week I bought the new polishes from Essence : "Go Snow"
They look very cute in their sweet little bottles.
Very sweet pastelcolors they are!
Well as you can see on the pictures it became a mess :-)
I was a little bit impatient and put it on 3 times, then I quit :-(
I made a few pictures which were horrible too, so this was not a
great succes for me.
The finish is also not nice.
I had to put 4 layers on my nails and still it didn't covers.
It's a very frosty polish.
Anyway nothing for me though. Even the colors I didn't like on
my nails.
But I wanted to show them anyway.

They come in 3 shades:
01 Snow Bunny (soft pink)
02 Frostbite (soft lilac)
04 Alpine Snow (soft blue)

Number 3 is I suppose not availble in The Netherlands, no one can find it here!

You can admire this collection on the website of Essence

This was it again for now. I wish you all a very nice day and till next time.
Thank you all for watching again.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

2B nr. 211 "Pimped Frosty Lady"


Morning sweet people,

A little post from the cold and freezy Netherlands.

I pimped my nails from the day before yesterday ;-)
I used a purple glittertop, a little konad and some bling.
I'm still no good at this unfortunately but I keep on trying.
Hope you like it!

Take care and enjoy your day!
See you next time :-)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

O.P.I. Pink before you leap "Jumping for more"

Hello everybody!
How are you today?

I don't have much time this week so I this is a short post.
Because of my lack of time I have an old swatch.
It was one of the first photo's I took for publishing on my blog.
This was at the beginning of December 2009.
My nails were quite a bit shorter!

I used O.P.I. Pink before you leap.
I applied it on a layer of Miss Helen nr. 145.
The colors matched so great together.

Well look for yourself :-)
It looks a bit dull on the photo but IRL it looks pretty to me.

Thank you again for reading, commenting and stopping by on my blog!
Hopefully till soon............

Monday, 25 January 2010

2B nr. 211 "Frosty the lilac snownails"

Goodmorning sweet people!!
Hope you had a great weekend!! We did :-) We had a lot off snow yesterday!
It was awesome.....all the white powdersnow, crisping under my feet,,,,,,,
Ohhh I love snow :-) and my nails did too :-)))
Unfortunately my work is calling now and I have to go!

Saturday I saw a very nice nailpolish and I could'nt help myself :-(
and of course I bought it..........
It's from 2B and it has no name only a number which is 211.
I'm having a problem to determine the color.
Is it purple or is it Lilac????
I don't know, I only know that it is a gorgeous color.
Its a bit frost but it applied well.

Well have a look for yourself and tell me what you think of it!!

For so far for today!
I wish you a very nice day and take care you all.

See you next from Holland

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Nfu-Oh "A Try out with number 49"

Hello you all!

Hope you had a great weekend so far!

A few weeks ago I tried out the Nfu-Oh number 49.
The pictures a not to great but it only was for checking it out.

I used for the picture:
Thumb: (don't watch this :-( It clambed between a door when I was a kid and it never got better. Its shape is a bit weird.)
Max nails: Black

Forefinger: OPI-Shootout at the O.K. coral

Middlefinger: Gosh: 63-Sunset

Ring finger: BeYu-209

Pinkie: Herome-W.I.C. Montreal 65

Then I topped it with the Nfu-Oh nr. 49

Check out the results for yourself!

Which one you like??

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Nicole by O.P.I. "Ego Alert"

Hello everybody,

Today something from a while back.
This weekend I don't have much time for my blog so thats why this "oldie".
A few weeks ago we had a nail-meeting at Thess from The Nail Farm.
We had a really nice evening and saw a lot ...... really a lot of bottles
with all kinds of colors, al kind of brands etc.........
It was awesome :-)

Well Thess did everybody's nails that evening.

This is what she gave me on my nails!!!!!!!

This is Nicole by OPI and the name is Ego Alert.
Its a really duochrome and it looks so magnificent that I have stared for days at
my nails, turning them into te light and play with the lightning.
Awsome polish and color!!!!

Well I have to go now but maybe till some other time.
Take care!!

Friday, 22 January 2010

La Femme Beauty "The anonymous pink"

Hi everyone, how are you doing today???

I was very busy the last days but made some time to post here.
Yesterday evening I looked to my polish collection and chose an pink polish.
I bought it some time ago. And it has no name :-( The brand is La Femme Beauty.
I had to put 3 layers of polish otherwise it didn't covers.
I personally like the color. Its a very sweet one.
Of course my collegues had to make all kind of comments :-)
Ahhh.....what ever :-) I asked them today, "you never like my colors, so please tell me what you do like!!!!!!!!"
You guessed it already :-( Their answer: Ehmmm I don't know .... ehmm maybe something reddish.....or silver.......etc" Men !!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha...............

Well it applied very easy this polish but it has some "chunks" in it.
I mean it isn't smooth after polishing.
I covered it with the OPI RapiDry but it still shows some bubbles :-(

Of course I tried some konad......

Well this was it again!
Thanks for stopping by again!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

China Glaze Ruby Pumps "The red wizard of Oz"

Goodmorning to you all!!!!
How are you today??
Already Thursday and almost weekend :-)

I know it's already in the past but last Christmas I wore Ruby Pumps from
China Glaze.

Wauw it's a stunning color and I fell in love with it right away. What awesome color!!!
I won't tell anything about it because I think everybody already did!
I think its a gorgeous color and it looks great!!

Thanks for watching again and take care!!!!