Monday, 25 January 2010

2B nr. 211 "Frosty the lilac snownails"

Goodmorning sweet people!!
Hope you had a great weekend!! We did :-) We had a lot off snow yesterday!
It was awesome.....all the white powdersnow, crisping under my feet,,,,,,,
Ohhh I love snow :-) and my nails did too :-)))
Unfortunately my work is calling now and I have to go!

Saturday I saw a very nice nailpolish and I could'nt help myself :-(
and of course I bought it..........
It's from 2B and it has no name only a number which is 211.
I'm having a problem to determine the color.
Is it purple or is it Lilac????
I don't know, I only know that it is a gorgeous color.
Its a bit frost but it applied well.

Well have a look for yourself and tell me what you think of it!!

For so far for today!
I wish you a very nice day and take care you all.

See you next from Holland


  1. It looks like a lovely lilac metallic to me! Love it!

  2. I love the picture with the snow, it creates a nice contrast and well it's different than just showing nails ^^ Kind of an artistic picture, I like :)

  3. Hello Romika,
    thank you for your comment on my blog, me I am impressed by the talent family, it n' jumped any generation on your premise, cheer for your so beautiful hands and your perfect applications:)

  4. Nice! I love the colour but I'm not fond of the 2B quality so I never buy them.

  5. @ Gildedangel: You're so sweet, thabnk you :-)

    @ Evil Angel: Yes, it has a metallic look, I agree.....I didn't noticed it before.

    @ Kyosuke: Thank you Kyosuke! I thougt: Well lets do something else as normally. I liked it myself aswell.

    @ Sakura: How nice to meet you on my blog!!! And thank you for the compliments! Je pense qu'il est dans nos gènes :-) We do not have to do much for it. It grows and they are pretty strong also.
    Same for my daughter (Lacquerized) and my mom.

    @ Kisten: Yes the color is fabulous!!! About quality I can'nt say much because this is my first bottle of 2B. But for the looks and color I would buy some again.

  6. @ Niena: Dank je!!!!!!!!! Hoe gaat hetje nieuwe lakjes? Heb je ze al geprobeerd?? Ben nieuwsgierig ;-)

  7. Ik heb ze zondag even snel geprobeerd op 1 nagel, 1 laagje om te kijken hoe de kleur was.
    Maar deze week erg druk met rapporten schrijven dus nog geen tijd gehad om ze fatsoenlijk te lakken. Ik hoop snel!!

  8. @ Nienna, Leuk!! Ik wacht het gewoon geduldig af ;-) Sterkte met de drukte van je werk!

  9. This is such a sweet, soothing colour. I feel so calm looking at it. :) I love that first pic that you took with that 'ball' of snow!

  10. @ Witoxicity: Yes I is such a beautiful color, I love it :-) It has a kind of special glow. The picture with the snow is my favotite. As I say it myself I like this picture ;-)