Sunday, 24 January 2010

Nfu-Oh "A Try out with number 49"

Hello you all!

Hope you had a great weekend so far!

A few weeks ago I tried out the Nfu-Oh number 49.
The pictures a not to great but it only was for checking it out.

I used for the picture:
Thumb: (don't watch this :-( It clambed between a door when I was a kid and it never got better. Its shape is a bit weird.)
Max nails: Black

Forefinger: OPI-Shootout at the O.K. coral

Middlefinger: Gosh: 63-Sunset

Ring finger: BeYu-209

Pinkie: Herome-W.I.C. Montreal 65

Then I topped it with the Nfu-Oh nr. 49

Check out the results for yourself!

Which one you like??


  1. I'm so jealous at your flakies and your nfu ohs! Great swatches by the way :)

  2. Which one... sadly I'd say none, I don't like any of these colors :/ I figure I would prefer the Beyu if I had to pick any.
    Take care <3

  3. Thanks for swatching these!
    Altijd leuk om te zien wat het effect is over verschillende kleuren.

  4. Gorgeous, it's amazing over black and red<3

    how I wish for these nfu-oh:D

  5. I love those flakies, I think this one looks best over black. I wonder what it would like over green and silver :-D

  6. Ik vind hem over zwart het mooiste.

  7. I am super jealous of the Nfu-Ohs! Fabulous swatches!

  8. Oooh, nice! I just got this one too. I only swatched it over black, I love that on you, but I love the red as well, I need to try it over that. Good experiment!

  9. @ Musicalhouses: Thanks!!!

    @ Kyosuke: :-) I already thougt so!

    @ Kirsten: Thanks/Dank je. I shall do it again sometime. With some other colors!

    @ KONADomania: Yes the Nfu-Oh is gorgeous.....I agree. As I said, I will try again with other colors. I guess the results will be quitte different.

    @ Michèle: Yes thats what I mean :-)

    @ Nienna: Ja ik denk het ook, tot nu toe.

    @ Gildedangel: Yes I would be too ;-) Thanks again!!!!

    @ Nicole: Thanks for your comment! Yes please do.....I am going to experiment too with different colors.

    Well thank you all for your comment, its very nice to read them everytime!!!!

  10. Oh, so pretty with the flakies! If I had to choose, I love the one with BeYu best. :)

  11. @ Witoxicity: Yes its a awesome one but I better tried it with dark ones I think. It looks better on a darker shade I guess. My omw choice would be too the BeYu.

  12. @ Annigje: Nfu-Oh's I love them so much. Dank je.