Friday, 15 January 2010

MAX Nails "The Purple Shimmer"

Hi dear friends,

So I am of work now and have a little more time to spend on my blog!
I hope it's alright with you all!

Today also a mani from two weeks ago.
We (Michèle and I) were able to confiscate a lot of nailpolishes for
a very small price. This is one of them.
The brand is MAX Nails and the color is really purple :-)
It is a smooth polish and it stayed for a long time whitout any chipping.
I applied a basecoat from O.P.I. and two layers of polish.
With a topcoat finish from O.P.I. "RapiDry".

At a later moment I decided to use some Konad on it.
I used the Konad plate nr. M73 and for the stampingcolor I used
a silver polish from Gosh, Silver 555.
It's a regular nailpolish but it's fabulous for stamping!

I hope you like it and I would say till next time :-)
Take care everyone.


  1. Oh that is a gorgeous color!

  2. I houd van paars, geweldige kleur en geweldig mooie nagels! De Konad er over heen is ook prachtig.

  3. OH MY GOD O_o
    This is just absolutely STUNNING ! I LOVE it *_*
    The color itself is gorgeous, it goes so well with konads, indeed I need this one ! My wife at the moment is searching for some more purple, it is just a perfect one for her.

    Any chance you or Michèle could tell me how or where to get it ? Is "Purple Shimmer" its name ? I can't google it :/ Maybe it is just a local brand cause honestly I never heard of MAX nails :/ I'd be very happy to know, and I thank you so much for introducing this polish *_* Not to mention that I love it on your nails and the konad makes it even more special ^^

    Kind regards :)

  4. Oh by the way, Michèle has my mail if you wish to share info without spamming your comments ^^ Up to you :)

  5. Leuk Romika!!!
    Heel liefjes.. <3

  6. What a beautiful color on it's on and the konad is a lovely touch!

  7. Hi mom, This is one of your best creations so far! Love it :-) x

  8. I love purples!
    Nice to see a blogger from Netherlands, I lived i A'dam for several years, part of my heart is still there ;)

  9. @L: Thank you, I like it myself very much!

    @ Nienna: Hoi Nienna leuk je te zien! Dank je voor je compliment.

    @ MiMu: Ja leuk heh!! Lukt al iets beter :-)

    @ Kyosuke: Thank you! Yes I thinks it's a very nice color. It has a rich shine and it goes great with the silver konad indeed.
    The name is "purple".

    @ Thess: Dank je :-)

    @ Evil Angel: Thanks for your comment! Yes it's a really fine color. About the Konad, yes it's goes very well with this polish.

    @ Michèle: Grin.....thanks girl!

    @ Arie: Hi, thanks for stopping by! Amsterdam is agreat city, I was born there and I love it for ever. :-)

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