Saturday, 23 January 2010

Nicole by O.P.I. "Ego Alert"

Hello everybody,

Today something from a while back.
This weekend I don't have much time for my blog so thats why this "oldie".
A few weeks ago we had a nail-meeting at Thess from The Nail Farm.
We had a really nice evening and saw a lot ...... really a lot of bottles
with all kinds of colors, al kind of brands etc.........
It was awesome :-)

Well Thess did everybody's nails that evening.

This is what she gave me on my nails!!!!!!!

This is Nicole by OPI and the name is Ego Alert.
Its a really duochrome and it looks so magnificent that I have stared for days at
my nails, turning them into te light and play with the lightning.
Awsome polish and color!!!!

Well I have to go now but maybe till some other time.
Take care!!


  1. We really have to do that again sometime, I loved meeting you all!

  2. Meetings are great! And so is this colour! Looks amazing on you!

  3. Well done, good job Thess, and thanks for sharing :) The color seems not so great, I think it's a must see in live, as every duochrome ^^

  4. This is so lovely. The nail art is sublime.

  5. Blijf 't leuk vinden om te zien, heeft Thess mooi gedaan! <3

  6. @ Gildedangel: Thanks! This color is really beautiful.

    @ Kirsten: Yes I agree, here the same :-) I had a nice evening......

    @ KONADomania: Yes that was fun to do, it was really nice, meeting others and showing each other your stuff and learning things....I loved it. The colkour has to be seen in daylight.

    @ Kyosuke: Thank you! Yes she did a great job, I loved it so much. The color on the photo is nothing compared to the real color in daylight. Then it's awesome!!!

    @ L: Thank you!!

    @ Mighty Lambchop: Its a great color, I love it very much and I am fondof the hexagons.

    @ Nienna: Je moet hem eens in het daglicht zien....

    @ Michèle: Klopt, vind het ook nog steeds mooi!

  7. I like the effect! super pretty!:)

  8. Arie: Thanks Arie! Its such a pretty polish...I love it.