Sunday, 17 January 2010

O.P.I. We Always Have Paris making love to BeYu nr. 397

Goodmorning this Sunday!

Hope you all are oke today! In the Netherlands
everything is fine!

For the past New Year's Eve I had a try-out mani.
As I mentioned earlier I like the Suedes from OPI
a lot. I tried "We always have Paris" (suede) and made a
little nailart and a french.
I am not very good at this but still practicing.
The french looked nice I thougt.

The color on the first photo is the most matching.

For this mani I used:
Basecoat: O.P.I. Natural nail base coat
For the basecolor: O.P.I. We always have Paris (suede)
For the french: BeYu number 397
For striping: Essence 02 Purple Boost and a kind of fuchsia color
from Claire's (no name)
For decoration: Essence nailart little purple starshaped strass
Topcoat: O.P.I. RapiDry

BeYu polish is a clear polish with glitters.
The color matched awesome with the OPI polish :-)
For striping the Essence striper really did a good job.
You can make thin stripes with it.
The one from Claire's made a rather wide stripe.
So I think you better can use your own brushes.
I like the long thin brushes the most.
As a decoration I used little purple stars from Essence.
They come in a lovely little box as a assortment.

It was all for trying and practicing ;-)
But it was a nice result for me.

I hope you liked it again!
Take care and till next time :-)


  1. Absolutely stunning! Love the color choice and the stars!

  2. Okay since the colors match and it's light, I like this french. But then, we have a french, a polish named after Paris... So I'm proud to say France loves you too Karin \o/
    This nailart was just awesome, a very nice one, and a great choice to celebrate the new year <3

  3. Hi mom, you're getting really good at this, it looks lovely!:-)

  4. Het ziet er gaaf uit, Romika!!

  5. Very beautiful and elegant nail art! I love this!

  6. Mooi gedaan! Het is niet helemaal mijn smaak maar ik houd wel van de verschillende tinten paars bij elkaar.

  7. Ik vind het er erg leuk uit zien Romika! Heel erg geschikt voor een feestje. :)

  8. @ Gildedangel: Thank you for your compliment! :-)

    @ Evil Angel: "Blush" Thanks!

    @ Migthy Lambchop: and "blush" again Thank you!

    @ Kyosuke: Ahh merci beaucoup pour les mots aimables :-)
    Well I am glad you liked it ;-) And indeed it was a bit in "French Style" this time.

    @ Michèle: :-) Practicing..... thank you sweety!

    @ Nienna: Dank je wel Nienna. Was wel even prutsen hoor.

    @ Helmisusi: Thank you Helmisusi. I liked it myself too, but it was only a try....

    @ Kisten: Ik weet het, ja de paarse tinten heb ik wel op elkaar afgestemd. Maar toch wel bedankt MiMu.

    @ Nune: Hee Nune! Wat leuk om je hier te zien!
    Ja zo ziet het er wel uit ja, het was ook voor Oudejaarsavond :-)

  9. Waaah french words *_*
    Got to try ! :) Hmmm, is een plezier voor mij ? ^^

    Hope I'm not saying anything nasty XD Take care <3

  10. @ Kyosuke: Yes I speak some french too ;-)
    And you didn't said anything nasty! :-)
    But its nice too see that yoy tried a dutch sentence. Have a nice evening!!

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