Wednesday, 31 March 2010

China Glaze "Strawberry Fields"

Hi sweet readers,

How are you?
Today a small post from the stormy Netherlands.
It is dreadfull wheater over here, raining, hale and a lot of wind.
Temperatures are like brrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Just gor rid of my wintercoat but
had to find it again.
The day before yesterday I had a little accident, don't even know how it came but
I ripped my right indexfingernail. :-((((((

Fortunately it could be saved. Michèle (Lacquerized.) helped me and fixed my nail yesterday!
She put some gel on my nail at one side and buffed it up.
The crack is now sealed with it and I hope it will stay like this.
And because I wasn't feeling so good she pampered me :-)))

After repairing my nail she cleaned them, buffed them and filed them.
To make me happy she choose a happy color for me!
She polished my nails with Essence, Show your feet, Flashy Pink.
She topped it with a gorgeous China Glaze called "Strawberry Fields"!!
A gorgeous pink polish with a subtle gold shimmer.
I love her!!!!! Felt much better after that :-)
Sorry for the blurry pictures. Made them in a hurry :-(

Strawberry Fields brings back memories for a lot of people I gues:

"Strawberry Fields Forever" is a song by the English rock band The Beatles. The song was written by John Lennon during the filming of How I Won the War and inspired by a Salvation Army house in Beaconsfield Road, Woolton, Liverpool near where Lennon lived as a child.

(picture from wikipedia, see link below)

"Strawberry Fields" is also a 2.5-acre (10,000 m2) landscaped section in New York City's Central Park that is dedicated to the memory of musician John Lennon. It is named after the Lennon/McCartney song "Strawberry Fields Forever".

(picture from wikipedia, see link below)

You can find more over here and here.

Well I hope you like my little post today!
Thank you for visiting and I hope to see you all very soon again.

Sunday, 28 March 2010

H&M Red Nail "Hot Hot and Hotter"

Hi lovely people,

Today my "red" post which I wanted to do some time ago.
My daughter Lacquerized got ahead of me and posted it!
So everything you want to know and read about this great looking polish you can find over with her.
She made a lovely post about it. Including a lot of history!

So this will be a pfoto-post only! I hope I do not overdose you all :-)
Have fun with it.
And be sure to let me know what you think about it!

Thank you for watching and stopping by on my blog.
I really appriciate this!
Bye bye see you next time.

Love Romika.

Saturday, 27 March 2010

American Apparel "The Mouse in Pied de Poule"

Hello sweet readers.

How are you all doing on this (in the Netherlands) gorgeous Saturday?
Hope you are still fine!

Last week was a week with some nice trips, of course workrelated but it was fun.
Tuesday I went to "Grand Kasteel Woerden".

In the French period, opponents of the Bonapartes, as the writer Maria Aletta Hulshoff, were locked in this Dutch Bastille. The castle has had many purposes. Not only as a defense work (military) prison (until 1872) and hospital until 2002, the castle also had the function of central clothing warehouse of the Ministry of Defense. when the moat was dug, the castle was the scene of the oldest citizen of Netherlands Taptoe (musicband), the local "Friendship Harmony". After the restoration in the late eighties, the castle was used as temporary office space for a business. In 2006 the municipality of Woerden launched plans to convert the castle to housing. Residents of Woerden participated in how the complex would look like. Since 2007 the castle is used partially as a hospitality accomodation and is used as a weddinglocation.

Okay back to the nailpoish :-)
My daughter Michèle order some nailpolish from American Apparel for me.
I have three of them but for this mani I choose a nice grey-taupe color.

I did two lyers of it. This was not the most easy application to do.
The polish was gloppie and the brush wasn't my favorite also.
Maybe I have to use some thinner to make it more liquid.
Next time I try.
The color is very pretty, a soft shade of grey-taupe. It's a creme formula.

Afterwards I used some konad plate M63 and glitter. Because of the lenght of my nails
I should double stamp them but I did it on my thumb and it wasn't so nice.
Even the width of the stamp didn't fit my nails.

The pattern of the plate is called in Holland "Pied de Poule" in English Houndstooth, houndstooth check or hound's tooth. It is a duotone textile pattern, characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes. The traditional colours are black and white, although now other colours are occasionally substituted for the black or the white.

Well I do hope you like it!
Take care and see you next time.
Have a great weekend and enjoy life.

Love Romika.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

P2 Gorgeous "Stripes and Studs"

Goodevening dear readers,

Today it was a nice springday......very soft wheater.
Lovely temperatures and a gorgeous sun.
Had to work but so I didn't get out much today but after finishing work, was great outside.
Hopefully spring stays!!!

A few days ago I polished my nails with the stunning P2 Gorgeous.
Afterwards I did a little nailart on it.

I hope you all like it!
Thanks for your visit and till next time.

Monday, 22 March 2010

P2 Gorgeous "Purple Delight"

Hello dear readers!!!

I'm having a long day of work behind me now and I am sitting
and relaxing behind my laptop at the moment. Enjoying a very fine glass of
my favorite wine......
Thought I could make a small post today. I always (mostly)
do my mani's in my weekend. So I have some photo's in my archieves.

But before writing about this I want to welcome you all today on my blog.
I really love it when you are coming over here for a look and a commment.
That makes me love it so much.
I hope you are all doing fine today and for the ones who had to work today....
well I hope you are soon getting home and can have some time to relax just as I
do right now.

Last saturday I did this many.

As I told in an earlier post Natasja brought some P2 polishes for me from
This one is the one who is called P2 (nr. 171) "GORGEOUS".
Wauw I do think it is gorgeous........I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is such a nice polish to apply, wonderfull......
What can I say?? Just one layer is sufficient for a nice opaque effect.
It's great. I did two layers of it because I wanted to do some nailart on
it later.
Two coats are really okay!
I was been told that this is a dupe of Nfu-Oh nr. 68.
And as I am thinking: We had a playdate some time ago and indeed we did a comparison of these two.

It is a gorgeous really suits her name :-)

Well you have to look for yourself!

This was it for now.......see you all later and thank you for visiting and stopping
by on my blog.
I love you all.......

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Catrice Pastel Delight instead of my red nails .......

Hi dear readers!

Hope you are doing fine today. Having a great weekend and playing
with your polish? ;-)
Well today is a very, very rainy is raining terrible all day.
So not good light for making pictures today :-(

Today I wanted to post my gorgeous red nails but Lacquerized. was a huge
BITCH!!!! She stole my idea!!!! Shame on her!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay the only thing is her nailpolish ;-) But still.............. just teasing....she is no bitch at all.
Michèle you made an awesome post about it!! I love it very much.
I love you sweetheart......:-))

Well that makes me to do an other post. The red one will be later okay :-)
I'll save it for now.

The Catrice Pastel Delight Collection ...............

This is what I read about it on the Catrice site:

"With the light, summery pastel shades of the new "Pastel Delight" Trend Collection by Catrice, the anticipation of warmer seasons to come is sky high.

Soft colours and amazing textures underline the freshly feminine spring look. Modern colour combinations, cool rouge and eye shadow designs as well as an absolute must-have applicator make this Trend Collection the perfect companion for experiencing the spring of 2010 with lots of style, chic and enthusiasm."

They have four lovely summercolors.

Pastel Pink

Pastel Blue

Pastel Yellow

Pastel Lilac

I noticed that the structure of this polish is a little thick.
But I had no problems applying it.
I did three layers. As I remember the blue one was a bit streaky.
The others were less and gave a more opaque look.

It does brought me in summer mood once again :-)
I like the sweet soft colors for a summerday.

Without flash.

With flash.

You can cheer them up with some decorations and you really have
spring or summernails.
I decorated them with some perky "Show Your Feet" stickers from Essence.
And with some little babypearls.

What kind of summernails do you have made already??

I hope you like it again!
Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.
Bye....till next time and take care.