Saturday, 13 March 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy Tag

10 Things That Make Me Happy Tag
I was tagged by Cindy for this cute tag!
Thank you Cindy for this fun tag!!
You can check her out over here: Nail'd & Polish'd

The rules are:
I have to post 10 things that make me happy and then tag 10 people/blogs.
So I will give it a try :-)

1. My husband. I have got the sweetest husband in the world :-) He is always here for me
and we share a great life together! I love your dear!!!

2. My 4 kids. I love them all so much! They make me feel happy and I am thankfull to have these great kids. But especially I want to mention my sweet daughter Michèle also know over here
as Lacquerized. She is a great help for me and we are sharing this nailpolish thing :-))

3. My mother. She is been a really great help and support for me all over the years. I hope she will be here for many years! Mom I love you too!!!

4. My two very sweet cats. They are already 13 years old and they are like kids to me. Maybe I will post about them someday!

5. My dear friends old ones and new ones. I love you guys. Thanks for being in my life.

6. The Humpback Whale. This is the one which I am so in love with. It is my greatest desire to meet this giant animal for real. Maybe my wish will come true some day!

7. My dear colleques at work. I have a bunch of dear colleques whom I work with everyday. They
are really awesome and always have to give their comments about my nails. They are most men so it really is cute to hear them commenting :-)

8. Being creative with one of my hobby's for example, origami, calligraphy, ink and pens etc....too much to write down. And of course my nailpolish/nailart stuff!!!

9. People. I really am a people person and love them all. It doesn't matter if your white, black, red or yellow, thick or thin. I love them all. I'm always trying to take care for those who are at the lower steps in life.. ..

10. You my sweet and loyal followers! It really makes me happy to see you here and reading your comments and reading your blogs as well. I love you over here!!

Well I tag the following blogs for this cute tag:

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Michelle from The Laquer Files

Inge and Sharon from Polishis

Andrea from Evil Angel

Kayla from DistantDreamer

Tiffani from Yardsticks4Lunatics

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Karin from PolishPig

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Thriszha from Fab Ur Nails

I'm sorry if I tag you for this if you are already tagged by someone else!


  1. Ik vind het zo gaaf dat Michelle en jij samen z'on passie hebben voor de nagels.

  2. I can't wait to see your cats. I hope you will post about them soon. :)

  3. @ Nails 4 Stars: Dank je! Ja het is ook heel leuk om samen zoiets te delen. Ik was er vroeger al altijd mee bezig maar had al jaren niet veel gedaan. Af en toe eens een nieuw kleurtje kpen en wel laaken maar meer niet. Zij heeft het me weer aangestoken :-))

    @ Tassa: I promis you I will make a post about them soon oke!!

  4. Humpback whales come to "hang out" in the Santa Barbara Channel every spring/summer to feed on whatever they feed on here. :) (we get gray whales in the winter months) The humpbacks are very interested in checking out the whale viewing tour boats, it can be a lot of fun to get out there to see them, and also fairly expensive, but so very worth it! I hope you get your wish one day! My son once saw a calf and it's mother near our beach, he called me to tell me and I was so jealous and also happy he got to have that experience.
    You are obviously a very caring person, the world needs more like you!

  5. @ ~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard: thank you for your wonderfull comment on this post!
    While reading your story I getting al excited about those huge giants......ohhhh I need to see them once in my lifetime. I can't tell you why I feel like this .... it's just as it is.
    I'm having a huge soft spot for whales and in particular this one. I love them all so much.
    Years ago I almost went to Brasil to work with this animals but it didn't came trough unfortunately. But still waiting and hoping for that day to come.
    Thank you again for your little story about your expirience and your son's encounter......

  6. @ ~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard: And thank you for your sweet compliment "blushing now"

  7. Thank you for tagging me:* I hope to do it this week:)

  8. @ KONADomania: You're welcome....take you're time with it :-))