Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Collistar Blu "Chic and glamour"

Hello dear readers!

How are you all doing? I always wish the best for you and do hope
you are all fine.

I saw our first "crocus" .... now spring is coming soon I hope.

My last Saturday was very lazy, doing not so much. Little bit of
cleaning, doing laundry and regular stuff and playing with
nailpolish :-)

Recently I bought a gorgeous nailpolish, a blue one from Collistar.
Michèle and I were shopping and she gave me, this beautiful polish
which she saw, in my hand.
I really liked it and decided to buy this one.
After walking and looking around us with the polish in my hand we
went to the counter to pay for it. I paid it and we went home.
I was so happy with this one. Coming home I reached for it in my
purse and was admiring my jewel.
Suddenly my eye caught a sentence on the bottle......
I bought the tester :-((( It was already used for 1 quarter and I
really was disappointed. But I phoned to the shop and they told
me that they didn't pay attention alson and I was able to switch
it for a new one.
Now I was happy again! I changed it last week and now I am the owner
of a gorgeous brandnew bottle.
Well you have to look for yourself what you think of it.

I hope you liked it and thank you for visiting me again.
I love you all, take care and till next time.


  1. Very pretty! It looks great on you!

  2. Great colour, reminds me of Essence "Deep blue sea" (from the Show Your Feet nailpolishes)

  3. Very pretty, luckily they returned the tester and gave a brand new. :) Mennn, I'm such a sucker for blue <3

  4. Beautiful polish and nails. =)

  5. This is one of the best Collistar polishes ever!
    And it looks to die for on you. :)

  6. C'est un très beau bleu, magnifique !!!

  7. Quoting Michelle, "I'm such a sucker for blue <3"
    I guess you can imagine my face when I opened your blog and saw that new post *_*
    It's not so far from A Sin Worth Commiting actually :) Pretty hands, nails & color, way to go Karin <3

  8. Mooi like always!!!
    Ik ben dan ook van mening dat ze de goede flesjes moeten sealen en gewoon een tester open moeten hebben...zo voorkom je dat gedoe wat jij hebt meegemaakt :)

  9. Ik houd echt van zo'n soort blauw. Mooi hoor!

  10. That is gorgeous! I love these colors

  11. This color looks awesome on you Romika!

  12. @ DistantDreamer: Thank you dear! How are you?

    @ Drusilla: Yes it certainly does! That one I have also.

    @ Michelle: Yes I'm glad too, they were very helpfull at the store!! bought it at ICI Paris.

    @ Nirida: Thannk you sweetie :-)

    @ Flavia: Yes it's a really gorgeous blue....I'm in love with it. And thank you!

    @ Stopdidine: Merci beaucoup!!!! Oui c'est une couleur tres magnifique!!

    @ Kyosuke: I'm glad you liked it. But I know you love these kind of blues......And indeed it is matching with A Sin Worth Commiting. Shall make a post of that one to in the near future :-)

    @ Linnie: Dank je!! Tja de tester was ook open, die stond in het vak. Heb er niet bij nagedacht en hem mee naar de kassa genomen. En de mevrouw heeft er ook geen erg in gehad denk ik. Nou ja, toen ik belde was het gelijk geregeld en hebben ze een nieuwe voor me weggezet. Dus gelukkig is het goed gekomen!!

    @ Xibalbasblog: Dank je, ik ook. Ik ben gek op inkt, die hebben ook zulke mooie kleuren blauw. Deze lijkt een beetje inktachtig van kleur. Love it!!!

    @ Scandalous: Thank you dear, me tooooooooooo :-)

    @ Ainos2: Thank you so much. I do like it myself a lot. Looks like ink color.....and
    that's what I like :-)

    @ ART OF NAIL: Thanks!!!

  13. prachtig blauw staat je ook waanzinnig! helaas doen inktblauwe lakken niks voor mijn handen :(
    (gelukkig is er genoeg ander mooi spul ;)

  14. Crystaliciousss: Dank je voor je compliment. Ik moet zeggen dat ik pas de laatste tijd van deze blauwe lakken gebruik. Vond het nooit zo mooi staan. Maar smaak veranderd blijkbaar toch.
    En ja er zijn kleuren genoeg om bij weg te zwijmelen :-)

  15. @ Gildedangel: Hi are you doing???
    Thank you for stopping by!

  16. I just want to tell you that your nails are very beautiful and this blue whaouuuuuuuuuuuuu

  17. @ Saori: Merci beaucoup! Thanks...and yes this is a stunning blue! I love it very much!!!!!

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