Monday, 8 March 2010

China Glaze Millennium

Another day and another story..............

Hello dear people........nice to see you again today!

Last week when I had my day off I was thinking what I
would do with my nails.
I ordered some nailart with Dollar Nail Art some weeks ago and finally
it arrived . It was at customs unfortunately :-(
But now it is here I am very happy with it.
I do love the tiny decorations for my nails which they sent me.
So I have a lot of new ideas to achieve.

So I did a mani with China Glaze Millennium.
Such a gorgeous polish. I'm hooked up to this one.
I use it a lot for stamping. It's so beautiful.

But this time I didn't use it for stamping but as a base
for some Fauxnad.
For the pattern I used the Fauxnad plate A05 and stampingpolish
from Konad. A gorgeous purple-blue one.
Afterwards I decorated them with 1,5mm silver dots.
They are so cute :-))
Because the plate is too small for my nails I did a little
French with some glitterpowder.

Well it is a kind of goodbye wintermani I think.

I hope you like it again and please let me know what you think of it.

Thank you for stopping by again and see you some other time.
Take care and embrace live.

Love from me........


  1. I love it! It's absolutly beautiful!
    I also have goodies from DNA, what a fun

  2. That is totally unbelievable! I mean seriously, that is...I haven't any words to describe it.

    That really is fabulous!

  3. This is one of the most beautiful manicures I have EVER seen.

  4. wow! these are SO gorgeous

  5. *_*
    I already am in love with Millenium, this is still one of my all time favorite polish. And what did you just do with it ? Omg, I'd die for those nails, they are just THAT good. Lovely, pretty, so damn pretty, even more pretty ! You really made something unbelievable *_*

  6. When I look at that mani, I`m thinking that is how a pricess` mani should look! So glamorous and perfect!

  7. Wow echt prachtig!!! As always!!

    Misschien moet ik ook eens aan de fauxnad :D
    Zitten erg leuke sjabloontjes tussen..

  8. Wooooow, this is absolutely fantastic!

  9. Ik vind het echt prachtig, al die mooie details maakte me gewoon sprakeloos joh, zó mooi!

  10. Oh, so gorgeous! I stopped to breath for the second when I saw pictures!

  11. OMG this is beautiful beyond words!

  12. Yay! Finally you received the package! I love love love Millenium and your mani looks great! <3

  13. Like it? It''s............stunningly, breathtakingly phenomenal!

  14. Wowwww!!! It looks really stunning!

  15. Sweet people!!!

    Well you make me blush :-)
    Thank you for all your sweet, kind and wondefull comments.
    I really feel honoured. I'm very glad you all liked it!
    i wasn't expecting such positive comments for this mani!
    Thanks again.....................

    @ Gildedangel: Thank you for your compliment.

    @ Evill Angel: Thank you dear! Yes the goodies are so cute and nice.....have an other order on the way :-))

    @ Laura: I thank you so much for your compliments. I really liked doing this mani. I'm happy you liked it so much!

    @ DistantDreamer: Thank you dear :-)

    @ Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard: Well thanks, you make me blush!

    @ Angie: Thanks Angie for your sweet comment.

    @ Kyosuke: :-) Thank you "crazy French guy" , just kidding but you know! Yes Millenium is a gorgeous polish which can be used for many purposes. This time I used it as base for this mani. You're too kind :-) But I sincerely appriciate yoour always honest comments. Thank you again. Didn't expect it to be like this in the start.

    @ Liana: :-) I guess it has a bit off that appearance indeed. I was amazed off the result myself. Didn't had a clue it should became something like this while making it.

    @ Sarah: Thank you so much for your kind words..

    @ Nihrida: Thanks dear.....I really appreciate your visit at my blog despite how you are feeling. Hope you are feeling a bit better today! "Big Hug".

    @ Linnie: Dank je voor je lieve complimenten! Ja moet je eens doen, ze hebben echt gave plates daar. Veel motiefjes ook. Ik vind het een aanrader. Je kan ze bij Chez Delaney's krijgen.

    @ Drusilla: Thank you for your enthusiasm!! :-)

    @ yardsticks 4 lunatics: Thanks Tiffani!! :-)

    @ Beauty Vibes: Dank je voor je complimenten, had niet gedacht dat iedereen het zo mooi zou vinden.. Moet zeggen dat ik er zelf ook wel erg mee in mijn sas was. Het is leuk om te doen.

    @ MetroChic: :-) Thank you!!! You're sweet....but hope you took a breath afterwards :-)))

    @ Charis: You all make me shy ;-) But thank you too.

    @ Michele: Yeahhhhh! I'm so happy with it! Such nice things to work with. Many things for more new ideas. And thank you too for complimenting to me!! Glad you love it.

    @ jaljen: I'm so happy you like it so much!!! Thanks.

    @ Latoya (mypassion4beauty): Thank you so much!!

  16. @ Michele must be Michelle

  17. wow!! super nice! ;)
    Great job working with the stones and glitter.

  18. @ Arie: Thanks for visiting! Thank you! Was a nice thing to do!

  19. Ohhhh woooooooooow that is so gorgeous! <3 You can do my nails one day haha!

  20. Wow, this is so beautiful :) Reminds me of winter, millenium is such a lovely color ! xo

  21. @ Lauren: Hahaha....thank you Lauren.

    @ Caitlin: Yes that's what I thought too. Looks a bit winter to me too. Millennium is a beautiful color and I can recommeded.

  22. Beautiful konadicure, very great !!!!

  23. @ Loyoyo: Dank je!!! Was ook leuk om te maken.

    @ Saori: Merci beaucoup!! Thank you for your compliment.

  24. I absolutely love this one! Stunning is the word! :)

  25. This is absolutely gorgeous! Oh my..

    Maybe I should order me some Fauxnads as well! The designs look so great on you (and on Michèle) :)

  26. That is so Fabulous! It need to go out dancing!

  27. That is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

  28. This is so GORGEOUS! Wow can't stop starring at these, you did an amazing job<3

  29. @ witoxicity Thank you!!!!

    @ Daph: Thank you too dearie!! Yes you should try them out. Some plates are really gorgeous.

    @ WizardsOfBling: hahahaha....thank you Sylvia! I see you do it ;-)

    @ Sarah: Thank you for your sweet compliment!!

    @ Yes I agree with you myself. Had the it so much. And it only was a try out. It worked out so great. Thank you so much.

  30. @ KonaDomania: Yes I agree with you myself. Had the it so much. And it only was a try out. It worked out so great. Thank you so much

  31. OMG! I love this nail art. The color-combination is perfect! And I love the Konad Pattern! Well done!

  32. @ Annigje: Thank you!! Yes I think it worked out well. I love it myself too :-)