Friday, 19 March 2010

My Cats.............

My sweet cats!!

Well I promised you a while ago to make a post about my cats.
So today I do.
We are the owners of two gorgeous creatures called Gerrit and Minou. Gerrit is the crème colored cat and Minou is the black and white kitty.
Years ago in May 1996 when I just started my recent job I had to go to the cellar of the building, where the archives are, and I had to use a key for entering that space.
Just new in the job everything was strange for me. And it was a bit stress at the time.
I'm a civil registrar and the work was completely new to me at that time. That’s why the stress part :-)
When I went home after work that day I took (just something for me to do) the key of the archive with me :-((
I didn't feel so comfortable with this key in my house that I called my .....well he was not my boss but he was teaching me the business.... colleague and told him about the key and that I wasn't feeling great about it.
In other words I wanted to get rid of the thing. The told me that I could bring it over to his house. So I did.........
His girlfriend was also a colleague and worked at the same office.
She opened the door and let me in. Wauwwwwwwwwwww..........I didn't know what I saw!!!!
There where cats everywhere ........
Of course I didn't know at that time but she was from the cat shelter. She had all kinds of cats in her home. She had of course a special cat room for them.
But they were allowed to move freely through their home.

At that time I didn't had any animals. My last cat was disappeared, guess someone stole her because I've searched everywhere and couldn't find her.
She was a gorgeous Persian cat. The sweetness herself.
A few years before this story a friend of my let her outside and she never came back......that was a hard time for me. I got her from the animal shelter.
I placed her photo here too.....Her name was Sheeba.
I still miss her!!!!

And placing her picture I have to place my cat from my youth.
My mom was afraid of him and gave him away :-((( His name was Muis (Mouse)

So seeing all those cats my eye was caught by a very tiny black kitten.
There were 5 of them ..... but the black one draws my attention.
I was sold....and wanted to have the little one....she was so cute....
I asked my colleague: What are you going to do with this little ones??
She said: They are already given to people on the waiting list.
Darn.....that was a shame.....
Then she said: But they are not yet notified of it so I can make
an exception for you because you are my colleague!
Wauwwwwww I was thrilled.....and almost shouted YESSSSSSSS I want to have her...
So it was a fact.....leaving for home I was a the owner of a little cat :-))
Of course she had to stay some weeks over there till she was 8 weeks old.
Finally it was the end of May and I could go and get my sweetheart over there.
When I came in I was immediately attracted to a cream-colored kitten in a corner of the room.

It looks so very was so very shy.....with watery eyes and even at looking at him he was growling and blowing at me.
He was so terrified.....
The story of these kittens was that they were captured while people from the shelter were trying to catch their mother. Apparently that didn't succeeded because their mother was gone leaving her baby's behind.
Still don't know why they tried to catch the mother.
So I can tell you that they have suffered a trauma. That's why they were so afraid.
But the little scared one in the corner....well I loved him right away.
So I asked again: Is this one going to someone too????
She said: No....I'll keep this one because nobody wants him. He is scared and shy etc.
I said, a bit nervous of course, ehhmmmm can I have him too????
To my great joy she said: Sure you can.
I was thrilled and so happy :-))
You can imagine my feelings I think?
So I went home with two gorgeous kittens.......

Here they were 8 weeks old. Just got them.

Now they are already 13 years old and they were never sick or anything else.

In those days I lived in a flat, on the 7th floor and they were not able to go outside.
So my cats are real housecats.
For two years ago we moved to a lovely house with a garden.
That was such a situation for them.
Never left the flat, only for their period visit to the vet, and now
in a car driving for a while and then you suddenly they are in a very different surroundings. I guess it must have made them nuts.
Because of lots of space in my house we put them in a large room upstairs.
There were two old closets. In one of them I put some old blankets and left the door open.

I have never seen my sweeties run so fast and being so afraid.
They crossed into the closet and hide them in the darkness.
We kept them a few days in that room to let them adjust to these new surroundings.
Then we opened the room door and let them find their way around the house.
I can tell you this:
After living here over two years now only Gerrit, the cream-one, is the one who dares to go down on the stairway.
It took him about six months to come down. Still scared as he is....hahaha.
He wanted to be with me on the couch and he over won his fear and came down. It was such a joy to see him doing this.
So careful, step by step, zigzagging his way down.
Finally down he ran towards me and sat beside me with such a triumphantly look on his face: So I did it!!!!! And I will never leave again.
From that day on he is up and down as he wants.
His sister Minou still is upstairs. I cannot make her come down.
She doesn't want it and she sits on top of the stairs and looking down. Whenever I bring her down she is yelling and wants to go up to her safe space.
But we are spending a lot of our time upstairs so she is sitting always on my lap or besides my computer or lying on my desk :-)

They actually do both. They love us and we love them so much!!!!!!
I hope that they will be here for many years to come..............

Well I hope you like my cat story!!!


  1. Oh that is the most beautiful kitty story ever!
    They are both gorgeous!

  2. What a couple of cuties - they look like good friends =) I liked the story & the pics. I would love to get another cat, but I live with my parents & Mom says no ... but I've still got my kitty from my childhood, her name is Frisky & she is 18+ years old. Maybe a little crazy in her old age but still the best cat ever!

  3. What a cute story! They're both beautiful cats :)

  4. They're beautiful! What is that cute hanging bed you have in the last picture?

  5. Gorgeous cats. Im allergic so I have to stick with my dog but the cats are awesome

  6. eyes became all watery and I almost started to cry while I was reading this. You are a true animal lover, I can tell from the way you talk about your furry little friends!
    Love them all...Sheeba and Muis too. I'm sorry to hear that Sheeba disappeared. It's hard when you don't know what happened to her...
    And BTW: I just LOVE the last photo. I wanted to buy these thingies for my cats...but didn't have any money at the time... I must get those. =) For now my cats just enjoy sleeping on the radiators covered with towels so it doesn't get to hot for them, =)

  7. AWWWWWW!!! What a nice story!

  8. This is a great story, I'm a HUGE catlover and love everything about them. Thank you for sharing their story.
    And could you please tell me where you got the two baskets with the baroque print? I have them with zebraprint, but yours would fit perfectly in my interiour :-D

  9. Love the story! I love your kitty! I had a kitty named Souris ("mouse" as well, in French). Your persian was beautiful

  10. @ Evil Angel: Thank you dear for reading my story.
    They are indeed gorgeous and the sweetest things you
    could ever had.

    @ Colette: Thank you too for reading my cat-story!

    @ Scandalous: Thank you!!!! That's cute, muis, mouse and souris..... :-) Thanks yes she was a real beauty....
    They are brother and sister and they can't without
    each other.
    Ohhhh 18+ wauw....I do hope my cats will reached that age too!
    Yes you said it ..... your best cat ever. :-))
    Enjoy her as long as she is with you!

    @ Thank you Daph. They really are. You will meet them soon :-)

    @ Megweno: Thank you! These are special baskets for cats. You put them
    on your radiator and they can sleep in them.
    Mine love them......

    @ L: Thank you L. Ohh that's a shame....I'm sorry for you :-(
    Well you have a dog and I guess he/she is awesome too.

    @ Nihrida: Thank you sweetheart for your compliments :-)
    You made me cry too almost.
    Yes I love them immense.....
    And yes....Sheeba.....never found out what happened with her.
    But she is always in my heart. I never forget her.
    And the hanging baskets are not so expensive over here.
    Hope you can get some for your cats. They will love them.
    I'm for sure. But you had a great solution, the towel does it too.
    BTW Gorgeous pictures you showed me :-)

    @ Skulda: Thanksssss!

    @ Polishsis: Thank you for reading also!
    I did this post with the most pleasure I had.
    I bought these at Ranzijn in Aalsmeer.

  11. @ Scandalous: Thank you for reading my post!
    And for your compliments. Hey...that's nice.
    Another mouse :-)
    And yes she was a little beauty!

  12. Beautiful Cats, lovely story and the cat hammocks are really cool! I miss my cat. She lives with my mother in law now.

  13. What beautiful kitties you have! I love cats, i have 2 (i had 3 but sadly a few weeks ago the eldest died. She was the sweetest cat ever :() one is really sweet and friendly, the other is grumpy, but he only had 3 legs so i forgive him :)

  14. Great story! I love cat's, we have two and they can really be so absolutely adorable. Really nice pictures to, they look zo sweet :)

  15. Cute Story. I got my first cat last year. I actually use to hate cats, but at my old apts one cat was determined to get me to like her. I finally decided to call a truce and fell in love with her. When I moved I knew I had to have a cat and someone I knew was giving away kittens so i got one. Her name is Fiesty and she's my girl. Love the cat bed, btw!

    ♥ SailorWifey

  16. @ ~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard Thank you for reading my story. Yes the hanging baskets are real cute and favo with my cats. I'm sorry to hear about your cat!! Do you see him/her sometimes?

    @ Lillian Funny Face: Thanks!!! Ohhh my ..... I'm really sorry to hear that! I wish you a lot of strenght! Enjoy your other cats and love them very much. I can imagine that .... I would be crumpy too!

    @ Drusilla: Thank tou also for reading my post! Hahahaha....are they sometimes not adorable?? I have lots more of them but they are on my other computer. And sweet they are very much :-)

    @ Brittany B. : Thanks!! Haha...that's a great story! I love that cat :-))))
    Hey good for you!! I think Fiesty has a really nice boss....... and you have a great cat.
    Yes the baskets are great.

  17. @ Bunny: Yessssssssssssss I do!!! :-) Welcme to the club ;-)) There are a lot of catlovers around us.

  18. Aww, you have lovely cats!

  19. @ Krex: :-) Thank you so much!!! They are the sweetest......