Thursday, 4 March 2010

Nubar "Peacock Feathers glows with Swarowski"

Hello sweet readers,

Today a new post. I'm having the day off :-) Yeahhhhhh
I was very very busy at work the past days.
Yesterday we were having elections for the new municipality council.
So I didn't had much time unfortunately. I was home very very late
this night.
Though I hope that you are all doing fine!

After wearing Nubar's Peacock Feathers I decorated
my Peacock, because she deserves it :-)
I'm not very good in nailart and I didn't want to use
Konad on it so I got my stripers out and tried something else.
I made a fantasydecoration, on both hands a different one.
Today my lefthand and the next post will be my righthand :-)

I used real Swarowski strass on my nails this time.
Because I think Peacock Feathers radiate glamour
and sophistication I used thes kind of stones, it's special.
I used for striping two stripers from Essene, a silver and
a silverglitter one.

Because we collect Gero, that's a Dutch brand, I used an item from
my collection for my pictures.
Besides a lot of different things Gero also made a lot of cutlery.
I'm a fan of an Old Dutch pattern (model 635) and have lots and lots of
this cutlery for my diningtable. Maybe I will make a post of this
sometimes, just to show you what gorgeous stuff it is.
Besides cutlery and other things they made gorgeous accessories like
this brush. Originally it comes with another brush, comb and mirror
(with I also possess).
I choose for this brush because it shows a beautiful peacock.
It was really great for this blogitem I thought!

Have a look at it and please tell me what you think of it?
I do hope you like it!

Thanks againg for watching and visiting my blog.
I do appreciate all your visits and especially your comments.
I do enjoy them so much.

Well that was all for now.
I wish you all a lot of happiness and a great health.
Take care and see you next time.


  1. SOOOO Prettyyy! omgoodness I LOVE it. I hope you wear this mani for at LEAST three days if not more! I can't get over the fact that it's multidimensional. LOVE it!

  2. You did a great job with this nailart! Peacock Feathers is gorgeous :)

  3. Love it!!! You did a great job and inspired me (I have Essence glitter striper too, could use it in a similar way)! I just added Peacock in my wishlist, it' beautiful...

  4. Oh, just beautiful!! I have GOT to get that Nubar!


  5. Like the manicure, but LOVE the brush!

  6. Oh, how gorgeous! I love antique looking silver, what a treasure!!! Beautiful nails, as always. You put my nails to shame

  7. Very glamourous! I hope none of the crystals pop off! D:

  8. hello from Greece i am a big fan od konad i like your post about it!

  9. @ ANSTAH: Thank you! You make me blush;-) I wore it for several days. But the Nubar
    is fantastis....such gorgeous duochrome. It keeps me amazing everytie I looked at it.

    @ Daph: Thank you dear. Yes it's a beauty I agree.

    @ smALty: Thank you for your compliment! I am glad that I was able to inspire you. Good choice. It is a real stunning polish!

    @ yardsticks 4 lunatics: Thank you too! Go and get it ;-))

    @ nihrida: Yes it's a cool brush. Thought it suits quite well with the polish name. Thank you again.

    @ Scandalous: As I told in my post we colect antique silverware. This is from our collection. I have much more items like this one so maybe I'll write a post about some things which I can relate to this blog. And thank you for your compliment! But I saw your nails and I really think they look great! Nothing to be ashamed about!!!

    @ Gildedangel: Thank you for your comment :-)

    @ Lauren: Thank you, nice to know that it is liked by you.

    @ Skulda: Thank you so much. I think the combination of colors makes this mani to look glamourous. The purple-blue and the silver matched great I guess. No I didn't loose any of them. And because they are real swarovski's I can use them again :-)

    @ Hanne: Dank je wel voor je compliment.

    @ beauty editor: Hi welcome! thanks for stopping by on my blog. Well it isn't Konad but just regular nailart. I used my stripers for it. But thank you so much for your comment.

  10. Wow, ontzettend mooi gedaan!

  11. @ Tliciouz: Dank je meis voor je compliment!

  12. These are so neat! Peacock feathers is a really unusual polish, very pretty. I just nominated you for an award on my blog :)

  13. @ LacquerMuse: Thank you so much! Yes it is quite a polish :-).
    Thank you for nominating me for this award but recently I already have nominated for this one!

  14. Suuuuuuuuupermooi die nailart!

  15. I'm wearing this one too and I looooooove it- in some angles it reminds me of an green polish I used to have and even partially mattified it still has its duochrome-madness...

  16. Wat een werk maak je er toch altijd weer van! Echt heel mooi!
    Liefs van je grootste fan ;-)

  17. Wowwww wat ontzettend mooi!
    Dat je dat voor elkaar krijgt zeg!
    Bij mij lukt dat echt nooit zo mooi.. :)

  18. @ Suzanne: Dank je!!!!!!!!

    @ amusedPolish: Thank you, that's nice :-) The duochrome is really awesome I guess. I do am in love with this one. So much color to see.

    @ Michèle: Dank je wel lieve schat..... Ik vind het leuk om er iets van te maken.....het betekent veel voor me dat je het mooi vind! En ik ben trots om zo'n fan als jij te hebben.

    @ Latoya (mypassion4beauty): Dank je voor je compliment!! Gewoon doen. Ik doe het ook nog niet zo lang hoor. Dit was echt iets "verzonnen a la minute" en het was nog leuk geworden ook! Mijn andere hand kon ik ook niet goed hoor. Kijk maar naar de volgende post. Had geen vaste hand om hetzelfde te doen, dus ook geimproviseerd.

  19. Mooi zeg peacock feathers en de art, en oooh die borstel. Toen ik klein was wilde ik altijd al zoiets hebben voor op de kaptafel.

  20. @ Buzzwheedle: Dank je Buzzwheedle voor je complimenten! Leuk om je hier eens te zien!! Ja mooi die bostel heh, hoort in een hele set, spiegel, borstel, kledingborstel en van Gero een oud nederlands merk. Is vooral bekend vanwege het bestek dat ze maakte.

  21. Oh wow! You're so creative! I love this mani and the gorgeous objects that you hold in your hand are always so interesting. :)

  22. @ witoxicity: :-) Thanks!! You made me blush ;-)
    I'm glad you like it so much. I'm always trying to make something special of it.