Sunday, 28 March 2010

H&M Red Nail "Hot Hot and Hotter"

Hi lovely people,

Today my "red" post which I wanted to do some time ago.
My daughter Lacquerized got ahead of me and posted it!
So everything you want to know and read about this great looking polish you can find over with her.
She made a lovely post about it. Including a lot of history!

So this will be a pfoto-post only! I hope I do not overdose you all :-)
Have fun with it.
And be sure to let me know what you think about it!

Thank you for watching and stopping by on my blog.
I really appriciate this!
Bye bye see you next time.

Love Romika.


  1. Oh that is a lovely red! Beautiful!

  2. Sooo hott!! I need to find somewhere that stocks this polish!!

  3. Gorgeous nails :) I wish the US stocked these!

  4. i love this red polish!!! so sexy!!

  5. @ Michelle: Dank je meiske!

    @ Kirsten: Hahaha....yes it is!

    @ L: Yes it's a gorgeous color!

    @ raw_veganlondoner: Grin.....thanks! If you can't find any we can help you maybe by sending you some.

    @ Angie: Well that's a pity they did not have it over there :-)For you the same offer as I did to Raw_veganlondoner.

    @ Helena (XOXO Parisky): Thank you!

    @ TrRiSzHa: Blush ;-) Thank's a sexy color I agree.

    @ Rebecca"Thank you for your compliment! :-)

  6. SEXY! That color look absolutely fabulous on you! Perfect with your skin tone!

  7. Woow, deze is fantastisch!

  8. Pretty on you my dear :) Very pretty ^^
    Still, it's a red, you know me ;)

  9. @ Nihrida: Hahahaha....yes I'm a hot lady ;-) Just kidding but thank you dearie!

    @ Tassa: Yessssssssssssssssss!!!! ;-)

    @ WizardsOfBling: Thanks Sylvia. It's a great color.

    @ Michèle: YES You do girl!!!!!! ;-)

    @ Xibalbasblog: Dank je, hij is echt lekker heftig!

    @ Kyosuke: Thank you dear! I know ;-)

    @ Lauren: Thanks Lauren, i is indeed a pretty awesome polish! I love it!

  10. It's truly HOT, the names is all! Love it and your necklase is great too:)

  11. @ KONADomania: Thank you sweetie! Yes I think it is HOOT to :-)
    And thanks for complimenting about the necklace.
    That's a lovely jewel too :-)