Saturday, 13 March 2010

P2 Chic "Springtime Butterflies"

Hello lovely readers,

Hope you are doing all okay!
First I want to say that I'm so honoured by all of your
comments concerning my giveaway!!!
I do want to remind you that it is still open till tomorrow
14th of March 11:59pm - CET.
By that time I gues I'm sleeping like a rose so I
will announce the winner Monday!!!!
So if you're not in, you can still take a shot at it!!!!

Well today I pimped my P2 Chic a little bit.
Springtime in mind brought me to this mani.

At my pictures you can see which items I used to create this.
For stamping I used Konad pastel pink.
I decorated it with some lovely nailart from Nfu Oh's.
A little jar with silver threads.
From Essence Nail Art I used the purple stones.
For the tiny butterfly I used a Konadplate nr. M15

I hope you like this mani!

Love from Holland and till next time.
Thanks for visiting my blog :-)


  1. Wat een werk zeg, maar echt super mooi gedaan!

  2. Pretty! You're the one that is creative ;) love it!

  3. This mani looks gorgeous. :))

  4. @ Nea/ Fashioned in Finland: Hi.....nice seeing you here :-)
    Thank you for your compliments!

    @ xibalbasblog: Dank je wel! Het viel best mee moet ik je zeggen.
    Maar vond het lastig om het goed te krijgen.

    @ Polishsis: Thank you girls!!

    @ Michelle: Thanks dear. But still thinking your the one.....:-)

    @ Tassa: Thank yu tassa for your seet comment.

    @ Skulda: Hi....thank you as well.

  5. wow!! this is very stunning.. oh BTW, THANKS FOR TAGGING ME!! I'll try to make a post when i have much time to stay online.. xoxo!!

  6. Your nail art is gorgeous...I wish my Konading turned out as well as yours! :)

  7. Love this, it look fantastic!

  8. @ Gildedangel: Thank youdear.

    @ Triszha: Thanks for your compliment especially from you....a true nailartist :-)
    No thanks, your welcome. Hope you like to do it!

    @ Annigje: Thanks you Annigje.

    @ The Student's Guide To Nail Polish: Welocme on my blog!!
    And thank you for your sweet words! Just keep on trying!
    You made some cute thing as I saw on your blog! So don't give up on it :-)))

    @ Jessica: Thank you too for your compliment!!

  9. Mooooi! :) Paars is hot hé

  10. @ snowwhiteglamour: Ja echt wel!!!! I like it :-)))

  11. Wowww wat heb je dat weer mooi gedaan zeg!

  12. @ Latoya: Dank jewel!!!!!! Is ook echt leuk om te doen....