Thursday, 18 March 2010

Collistar Blu "Covered with Lace"

Hi everyone!

How are you doing??

As you could read in my earlier post I did my nails with a gorgeous
I do have to say that it is a awesome color.
But I can't say its application is very well though.
I think it's a kind of liquify during application.
It is a rather thin polish.
But it's worth it. Just because of its color only I would
recommend it.

I ordered some stuff from Dollar Art including Laser Lace.
Kind of weird stuff. But does have a gorgeous result.
I tried to capture it as well as I could with my camera but
you have to see this in real life.
The pictures don't give credits for reality.

Still I hope you do like it.

Thanks for watching and visiting again.
Take care and see you again.


  1. I think it looks pretty cool, love the base color too!

  2. Looks very classy and chique, love it!
    Oh and thank you for the 10 things that make me happy tag, my sister Sharon and I will both make a list!

  3. wow, it looks great, never thought the result would be so great :)

  4. Heel erg mooi! Maar het lijkt net of die "friemels" op je nagels er los op liggen... word je daar niet helemaal gek van?

  5. It is always such a treat to come to your blog and see your nail art.

  6. @ Evil Angel: Thank you dear. Yes color is oke...nailart well that's a different story. You have to see it IRL. The pictures don't show it correctly unfortunately.

    @ Polishsis: Thank you so much!!! OOhhh that's nice.....I'm looking forward to read that post :-)

    @ AmusedPolish: Thanks.....when I tried this I didn't know what to expect. It was a bit difficult to get in on my nails the way I wanted it. But the results where very nice. But still I think the pictures aren't showing the reality :-(

    @ Drusilla: Knikt...ja op het moment van de foto's nemen bleven de draardjes omhoog staan. Ik werd er niet vrolijk van helaas. Ik heb geloof ik wel 8 lagen topcoat gebruikt om het glad te krijgen. Maar ja, misschien had ik dit spul moeten lijmen ipv in de natte topcoat te leggen. Maar moet zegen dat als ik er nu naar kijk ,heb het nog steeds op mij nagels al een week bijna nu, dat het er glad uitziet en redelijk glad aanvoelt. Maar mooi spul is het wel.

    @ Skulda: Thank you dear!!! It's nice to see you too over here. I appreciate your visits and comments very much.

  7. @ Gildedangel: Thank you dear!

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