Monday, 22 March 2010

P2 Gorgeous "Purple Delight"

Hello dear readers!!!

I'm having a long day of work behind me now and I am sitting
and relaxing behind my laptop at the moment. Enjoying a very fine glass of
my favorite wine......
Thought I could make a small post today. I always (mostly)
do my mani's in my weekend. So I have some photo's in my archieves.

But before writing about this I want to welcome you all today on my blog.
I really love it when you are coming over here for a look and a commment.
That makes me love it so much.
I hope you are all doing fine today and for the ones who had to work today....
well I hope you are soon getting home and can have some time to relax just as I
do right now.

Last saturday I did this many.

As I told in an earlier post Natasja brought some P2 polishes for me from
This one is the one who is called P2 (nr. 171) "GORGEOUS".
Wauw I do think it is gorgeous........I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is such a nice polish to apply, wonderfull......
What can I say?? Just one layer is sufficient for a nice opaque effect.
It's great. I did two layers of it because I wanted to do some nailart on
it later.
Two coats are really okay!
I was been told that this is a dupe of Nfu-Oh nr. 68.
And as I am thinking: We had a playdate some time ago and indeed we did a comparison of these two.

It is a gorgeous really suits her name :-)

Well you have to look for yourself!

This was it for now.......see you all later and thank you for visiting and stopping
by on my blog.
I love you all.......


  1. She is indeed gorgeous! And on top of that, she's gorgeous on you :)

  2. Beautiful polish and what a cute bird!

  3. Erg mooi!! Lief vogeltje :)
    Ben er toevallig vandaag mee aan het rommelen geweest :D

  4. @ Kyosuke: *_* Merci beaucoup Guillaume!

    @ Daph: Thank you dear! It is a stunning polish I guess. And thanks for your compliment!

    @ Kitty: Thank you!'s an easterbird I believe. They were sold like that :-)

    @ Skulda: Thank you so much :-)

    @ ANSTAH: Yes it IS :-)

    @ Linnie: Dank je meis.....ja wat een schatje niet. Hahahaha....met het vogeltje of met de nagellak? :-)))

  5. Gorgeous is a perfect name! I love the metallic finish!

  6. I love the colour and I love the pictures you made of it!

  7. @ Evil Angel: Yes defenitely! Thanks!!

    @ Polishsis: Color is stunning I think, such a beauty and just as Evil Angel said: the metallic element in this polish makes it special. And thank you!!

  8. I love your blog :)
    and I gave you a blog award.

  9. Wow, this is a really cool colour, I love it.

  10. @ Helena (XOXO Parisky): Thank you!! And thanks again. I will have a look at it. But I have to see if I'm able to do this ...... :-)

    @ Drusilla: Thank you, yes it really is. And such great application too. Love this one.

  11. Love it! I am on a purple bender too!

  12. @ WizardsOfBling/Sylvia: Thank you. :-)