Sunday, 7 March 2010

Don't forget to enter my giveaway, I added an extra product!

Hi dear readers,

I added some things at my giveaway!!
I own a lot of Herôme polishes myself and I have to
say that it's a rather concentrated polish.
The first time it's okay but the second time it's already
a bit thick.
That's why I add a product which you can use to make it
less concentrated.
It is from Mavala, a swiss brand. You only have to use a few
drops in your polish to make it more fluid again.

And I add another little present to it "a cuticle pusher from Herôme".

Well my giveaway is still open till the 14th of March.
So if you didn't enter it you still can.

I love you all for following me and writing such sweet compliments
in my commentbox.
I hope to see you for a long time.

Take care for now and bye bye........


  1. Ik doe al mee, zo'n leuke actie!

  2. @ Sarah: hahaha.....

    @ drusilla: Dank je......fijn dat je het leuk vindt :-)

    @ Ja dat is het zeker, soms heb je dat nagellakken wat dikker worden en ik moet eerlijkheidshalve zeggen dat Herôme lakken het best vaak hebben. Degenen die ik heb zijn snel aan de dikke kant. Vandaar dit handige hulpmiddeltje. Ook voor al je andere nagellakken te gebruiken natuurlijk.

  3. Hello Romika! I read your posts and Michèle's too for a month or so.
    I've always loved polish. I always thought I had pretty hands and polish look good on me, but Living in Argentina I only wore local brand polish (the most cherished being a small maybelline collection I had).
    My interest has grown since I've discovered this world. Last Christmas a friend and colleague of mine gave me a 4pack of mini OPI lacquers of España collection, and I went nuts!!!
    I live now in a small town in Switzerland, and all the polish brands(except Mavala) are so hard to find, and others (luxury brands) are so expensive!!! Your pictures make me dream with so much colour, and hope one day I could do it myself!!
    Congratulations on your blog and keep posting!

  4. @ Natalia: Hi Natalia, thank you for reading our blog's :-) and thank you
    for your sweet comment!
    Yes it is a pity that all the brands are not availble everywhere :-(
    Great those OPI's. I love this brand so much.
    But living in Swiss, I thought they've got a lot of brands over there too??
    Well that's a real pity!!!
    But can't you buy things through the internet?? Or ask if there are people who
    can sent you things you want??
    If you want something I can help you if you like!
    Thanks for your congrats and I hope to see you again!

  5. @ MariaAndrea van der wall arneman: Knikt ik heb het gezien, leuk!!!

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