Saturday, 27 March 2010

American Apparel "The Mouse in Pied de Poule"

Hello sweet readers.

How are you all doing on this (in the Netherlands) gorgeous Saturday?
Hope you are still fine!

Last week was a week with some nice trips, of course workrelated but it was fun.
Tuesday I went to "Grand Kasteel Woerden".

In the French period, opponents of the Bonapartes, as the writer Maria Aletta Hulshoff, were locked in this Dutch Bastille. The castle has had many purposes. Not only as a defense work (military) prison (until 1872) and hospital until 2002, the castle also had the function of central clothing warehouse of the Ministry of Defense. when the moat was dug, the castle was the scene of the oldest citizen of Netherlands Taptoe (musicband), the local "Friendship Harmony". After the restoration in the late eighties, the castle was used as temporary office space for a business. In 2006 the municipality of Woerden launched plans to convert the castle to housing. Residents of Woerden participated in how the complex would look like. Since 2007 the castle is used partially as a hospitality accomodation and is used as a weddinglocation.

Okay back to the nailpoish :-)
My daughter Michèle order some nailpolish from American Apparel for me.
I have three of them but for this mani I choose a nice grey-taupe color.

I did two lyers of it. This was not the most easy application to do.
The polish was gloppie and the brush wasn't my favorite also.
Maybe I have to use some thinner to make it more liquid.
Next time I try.
The color is very pretty, a soft shade of grey-taupe. It's a creme formula.

Afterwards I used some konad plate M63 and glitter. Because of the lenght of my nails
I should double stamp them but I did it on my thumb and it wasn't so nice.
Even the width of the stamp didn't fit my nails.

The pattern of the plate is called in Holland "Pied de Poule" in English Houndstooth, houndstooth check or hound's tooth. It is a duotone textile pattern, characterized by broken checks or abstract four-pointed shapes. The traditional colours are black and white, although now other colours are occasionally substituted for the black or the white.

Well I do hope you like it!
Take care and see you next time.
Have a great weekend and enjoy life.

Love Romika.


  1. I love this color on you, but I don't really like the konadicure. Those glitter tips are too much for me. =))
    What a lovely castle! I'm crazy about castles.

  2. @ Nihrida: Thanks! I agree, it's to much but I only tried it. The plate is to short for my nails so I put some glitter on it. Yes it is a nice litle castle.
    I did not even know that it exists :-( And it is not so far from where I live.
    How are you doing?

  3. Whoa! Nice houndstooth konad - that's really unique :D

  4. I like your mani, but without glitter tips.
    The color and konadicure is perfect! :)

  5. I love the color combination! So cute, they look like little finger socks!

  6. @ Angie: Thank you so much :-)

    @ Tassa: Thank you, yes they aren't so succesfull as I would them to be.
    But I have to sy in reality they look much better. Looks like they jump out of the picture now.

    @ WizardsOfBling/Sylvia: Hahahaha....yeah for winterhands.....hahaha....I like your comment:-)

  7. Oh, this is so pretty, especially with the KONAD-ing! I love what you did with the tips too. That was a good solution to the issue of covering the whole nail with stamping. :)

  8. Ik vind de verhaaltjes die je erbij plaatst altijd erg leuk om te lezen! :) Mouse is een fijn kleurtje, ben blij dat ik die ook besteld heb en het ziet er prachtig uit met de Konad!

  9. Wauw die kleur is echt pretty!

  10. @ Witoxicity: Thank you dear. The konad-ing I do like also. Nice pattern. But the tips....I don't know. But it was indeed because of my naillength.

    @ Michelle: Dank je wel lieffie. Graag gedaan hoor. Ja mooie zachte kleur is het. Alleen het lakken ging niet best. Hij of zij, weet het nooit,was erg aan de dikke kant helaas. Beetje verdunner misschien.

    @ Teddy: Dank je!!