Monday, 18 January 2010

A fun thing to do "Three generations hand in hand"

Hi you all!!
I hope you all had a nice weekend!!!
And its nice to see you again here :-)

This time a mani, actually three mani's from about 6 weeks ago.
We were sitting over here, my mother, my daughter (Laquerized) and myself
thinking what fun we could do ;-)

Well see on the picture what we did, it seems to be nice to get us
captured in one photo with different laquers.
So as said so we did.
When we checked out my mothers stash I found a really beautiful Shiseido-polish.
So that was the one for her.
Beside that Michèle and I bought some new polishes including a
very beautiful Collistar and a Loreal.

My mother wears the Shiseido nr. A14 Pink Star.
A very creamy polish which applied very smoothly.
Micèle choose the Collistar nr. 43 Viola Glitter and it looked stunning on her.
You can't see it proper on the this photograph but it really was beautiful.
I went for the Loreal, it looked copper-red in the bottle but
in real it was so dark! Couldn't find red in it. Only by photographing it
you could see the color more clearer.
It has no name only a number: 734. (accidently I erased the print at
the front of the bottle when I cleaned it)

Well I hope you liked it!!
Well take care and have a great next week!!!
Hope to see you soon again :-)


  1. That is cool, I love that picture!

  2. The 3 generation hand picture is beautiful and all 3 mani's are lovely!

  3. What a family ^^ My favorite would be Michèle's polish color on this set <3

  4. I've seen this pic before but I love it just as much now. <3
    Good nails definitely run in the family!

  5. Thanks for the nail genes mom:-D

  6. I love this picture, and you all have such gorgeous hands! My mother was never a woman who cared about her hands/nails, and it shows. I won't be able to do a picture like this

  7. HI, I just found your blog and would love to add it to my next Monday's post on new blogs :)

  8. Leuk! Je kan wel zien dat het in de genen zit.

  9. Gaaf zo'n drie generaties foto, en prachtige nagels alledrie!

  10. What a great idea!, I like the pic :)

  11. @ Gildedangel, Evil Angel, Deez Nals and L:
    Thank you so much again for your nice comments, its very nice to see you here again :-)

    @ Kyosuke: :-) Yes the collistar is a very nice color which suits her well.

    @ Kisten: Yes thats true you did of course. But thnks anyway for your sweet words.

    @ Michèle: Your welome :-)

    @ Ange-Marie: Thank you for your compliment! Yes my mother does treat her hands but isn't much into bright colors. We found this one and put it on but normally she wears more subtile colors. But it was nice to do this together and that we could make such a picture was fun!

    @ Brooke: Thanks for stopping by and thank you for mentioning me on your blog. Thats very kind :-)

    @ Nune and Nienna: Thanks girls, nice to see you again!

    @ Arie: Yes we thought so too! And the result is very nice I think.

  12. @ Angie: Thanks was fun thing to do together. My mother is 73 years old and she liked doing it with us.

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