Saturday, 27 February 2010

Misa "Forbidden Lust"

Goodevening my sweet readers!

Today especially a mani for my loyal visitor Kyosuke from the first minute!
He send me this gorgeous nailpolish as a gift!
Guillaume merci beaucoup pour le cadeau magnifique!!!!
Je suis très heureux :-)))
Today I'm having a rather sad day because of personal things.
So I wasn't so concentrated making my pictures and everything.
I will make a new post later for you.
For now I hope you like it!

This gorgeous purple polish is a real eyecandy :-)
It's structure is very delicate and it applies like butter.
I needed three coats of it.
I think it is an awesome brand and a great formula.
I love it very much and I hope you all do like it too.

I hope to see you soon again.
Thank you all for visiting and commenting on my blog.
Take care now!


  1. Mooi mooi mooi
    DIe vlinder ga ik zo hard pikken om ook foto's mee te maken ;-D

    Kus voor jou <3

  2. I hope you feel better soon! You photos and nails are gorgeous. (((hugs)))

  3. Erg mooie kleur paars!! En leuke combi met de vlinder :)

  4. @ Michèle: Tuurlijk pak maar hoor ;-) Dank je en kus terug lieverd....

    @ Nirida: Thanks for your sweet words :-) And your compliments. Feeling better will come in time.....

    @ Dank je Linnie. Ja leuk die vlinder heh, heb wel meer van die dingen om de foto's af en toe op te fleuren.

  5. Prachtige kleur! En mooie foto's weer :)

  6. My sweet butterfly <3

    First I have to say I HATE you for posting for the very first time I was away from a pc, I so wanted to comment asap >_< But seeing those pictures... it's so pretty, I love this color and I love it on you as well *_*

    Still, I think blue was perfect for Michèle and purple for you, but I hope you'll both share them and maybe show the results on your respective blogs <3 Anyway these were gifts aimed to be shared occasionally ^^ I wish you both to have fun with any of them :)

  7. Ik ben gek op paars dus ik vind dit kleurtje echt super! En de foto's zijn erg mooi geworden :)

  8. @ Gildedangel: Thank you dear!

    @ Xibalbasblog: Dank jewel :-)

    @ Beauty Vibes: Ja is echt een prachtige kleur. Ik heb verschillende paarse kleuren maar dit is wel een van de mooiere. Dank je voor je compliment over de foto's.

  9. @ Kyosuke: My dear Guillaume.....sorry for that! But I can understand your feelings. Well I thank you so much for your sweet comment. It really is a gorgeous color as I said before. I like it so much!! But I'm a purple-freak :-)

    Yes the blue one is stunning too....I love that kind of blue. I'm a fan of pens and ink (I have a lot of inkjars)so I always love the inky colors the most. It is so pretty on Michèle! I surely will paint my nails with it. Just as she will use the Forbidden Lust on her nails. We do share more polishes and colors. It's nice to do so. Together we have a lot (for our understanding) of colors in the house :-)
    Well I thank you once again and we will enjoy your gift so much.

  10. Wat een prachtige, rijke kleur! En jullie maken toch altijd zo bijzonder mooie foto's!

  11. @ Kwarnst: Dank jewel! Ja het is echt een schitterende kleur. Je moet hem eigenlijk in het echt zien. De foto's doen de kleur niet echt recht helaas. En dank je voor de complimenten :-)

  12. Mooie foto's hoor. En de kleur is gewoon geweldig!

  13. Ohhh ales uit die collectie is pure percectie ( hee dat rijmt ), bedankt voor de mooie foto's van deze geweldige kleur!

  14. Ooh la la... I love this shade (i'm obsessed with purple)

    Your nails are beautifully done! I have clumsy hands.. so I don't paint my nails much hehe.

    I hope you're feeling better :)

  15. @ Nienna: Dank je wel......en ja prachtig is ze! Ik ben er weg van.

    @ Polishsis: Ja geloof het ook. En geen dank hoor graag gedaan. Vind het leuk om te doen.

    @ Foxi Frangipani: I thank you for your sweet comment. Yes I'm feeling a bit better already. Thank you.

  16. That's such a lovely purple. I absolutely love purples, so this is two thumbs up! :D

  17. @ witoxicity: Yes it's a real rich purple and I love it very much! But I'm always a sucker for purple. Thank you!!!