Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Etos Effect Nails "Nr. 18 The Blue Wonder"

Goodmorning to you all!

How are you this morning? I wish all of you a very nice and lovely
day with lots of joy and happiness.

Today an other day at the office. As I told you before I still have to
show nails over there :-) Well today a really pretty nailpolish.
It is from the brand Etos and they sell a lot of lovely little bottles
in various colors.
So I bought some of them.

As so can see my hands and cuticles are still dry :-(
Well have a look at it and tell me what you think of it?

For this mani I choose a pretty blue one.
It has no name but only a number. This one is nr. 18.
I think it's a pity that they come without names but so be it.

It is called Etos Effect Nails.
This was a smooth polish and it applied without any troubles.
I did two layers of it and that was sufficient.
It has a gorgeous shine and I like it very much.

And do you know something that looks similair I really would like
to know.

Enjoy it and I will see you next time.
Take care now and thanks for reading my blog.


  1. That is a stunning blue on your nails, gorgeous!

  2. Mooie kleur!
    Ben benieuwd wat je er op gaat doen qua versiering... ;)

  3. Nu voel ik me weer verplicht om naar de etos te gaan haha, ziet er goed uit! :)

  4. i love this color.. btw.. thanks for the comment u gave to me..


    PLS. VOTE FOR ME!! my nail art entry is #10.. thanks so much!!

    until then

  5. Pretty blue on a pretty girl, I love <3

  6. That is a fantastic blue shade and it looks teriffic on your nails

  7. @ Kirsten, da's een overleden pauw ;-)

    Mooi hoor mam!! Prachtig kleurtje.

  8. Great polish!
    I'm trying to think of a dupe, possibly Sally Hansen has something similar..

    i just found your blog through your daughter. I'm a mom with helmers too :-)

  9. @ Gildedangel: Thanks...I like the color very much :-)

    @ Thess: Thanks you dear. Think that I do not do anything on them. Was to impatient so I made a mess of it :-(

    @ Tlicious: Haha....gauw hollen dan :-)Dank je.

    @ Thriszha: Thank you, and you are welcome. You have a great blog and beautiful nails and art.

    @ Kyosuke: Thanks for your compliment....from a nice French guy :-)

    @ Kisten: eenn corsage, al een hele oude.

    @ Yardsticks for lunatics: Thank you so much! Yes its a pretty color.

    @ Charis: Thank you for your sweet comment.

    @ Michèle: Hehehe.....lach...Dank je meis.

    @ PolishPig: Thank you for visiting my blog and welcome over here! I will check Sally Hansen out. Hee thats nice another mom on the blog :-) and with a helmer.....that sounds great :-)) Nice to hear I'm not the only one.....

  10. Wow, wat een mooie blauwe kleur! :)

  11. @ Witoxicity: Dank je!!!! Ja hij is echt heel erg mooi van kleur vind ik. Je zou hem in het echt moeten zien.

  12. this is beautiful! like mother like daughter :) you ladies have gorgeous nails. i love the feather prop


  13. @ Angie: Welcome on my blog!! And thank you so much for your very sweet compliments!

  14. No matter how many blues I see in this tone, I always wish I could have them all, hahaha.

  15. @ Origami: Hahahaha.....I know the feeling :-)