Sunday, 21 February 2010

Herôme "Safari in Johannesburg"

Hello everyone!

How was your weekend? Hope you all had a relaxing and happy time.
Today it's Sunday so I made some time to do my nails.
The wheather outside is grey and it's raining all day.

Lately I bought a lot of new polishes from Herôme.
The brand has a lot of colors and I love a lot of them.
For today I picked a nice kind of taupe color.
Its lovely name is Johannesburg nr. 72.

Applying went just well, I did two layers.
It is a very creamy polish and I love it so much!
I have to say that it was a little thick but with some thinner
it worked okay.

My nails looks a bit curved here and there but it's because of the light I guess.

I have decided that when I reached my 100 followers I will do
a nice giveaway containing products from Herôme!
I hope you will like that!

Well that was it for now. I wish you a nice evening and see
you next time.
Take care sweet people.
Thanks again for stopping by on my blog.


  1. Again I say WOW! Is there nothing that looks less than gorgeous on you!

  2. What a lovely polish and such a perfect name! It does remind me a lot of OPI's YDKJ!

  3. @ Evil Angel: Ohh you are a sweet angel to me :-) Thank you for your very sweet comment. You make me blush!!

    @ Charis: Thank you for your comment. I don't know because I don't owm YDKJ, we only have the suede version.

    @ Thank you Lily!

  4. @Gildedangel: Thank you dear!

  5. Normally I wouldn't really like this color, but it looks smashing on you!

  6. Jeetje, die lak schijnt je tegemoet!

  7. Wow Romika! Your nails look prettier by the day! <3

    I really have to buy a WIC polish myself, I'm curious about them but I can't choose one. :') I'm making a mental note about this one though! Very pretty!

  8. @ Nihrida: Yes I read it on your blog! But thank you for yoour compliment.

    @ Thess: Ja hij is prachtig! En zo creamy, ik hou ervan.

    @ Michelle: Thanks dear! I'll (my nails) do my (their) best :-)
    I'm going to do a giveaway with Herôme so check that out tomorrow.

  9. I so like it on you ^^ But this color isn't a must for me :p Just as Nihrida in fact ^^

  10. That's such a fab taupe. I would never have picked it up from just seeing it in a bottle. Thanks for opening my eyes to this beauty. :)

  11. @ Kyosuke: Thank you!! It's a great color though!

    @ Witoxicity: Your welcome! It realy is an awesome color. I like it very much.

  12. Erg mooie kleur! Zelf heb ik laatst ook een kleur gekocht, weet de naam niet meer maar hij is middelgrijs. Vind hem wel tegenvallen omdat hij bij mij erg dik, plakkerig en streperig wordt. Verdunnen helpt?

  13. @ Willywonkawillwin: Dank je wel. Ik moet eerlijkheidshalve zeggen dat deze ook ietwat aan de dikk kant is. Maar geen problemen gehad met lakken. Ik denk dat een beetje verdunnen super helpt. Gewoon proberen. Maar niet met remover of aceton verdunnen hoor. Het beste kun je thinner gebruiken.