Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Some news concerning Dutch blogs

Hi everybody,

We have a new dutch blogger!!!!
A young lady with a pretty blog and name :-)
You can find her blog over here "The Lacquer Files"
Check it out!!!
Welome Michelle and have fun with your blog!!!!

And some other news for those who did'nt got it yet!!!!

Kirsten from "Een Minder Mutsig Nagel Blog" changed her name!!!!
This is what she said: "I changed my blog name to something that is easier to remember. If I'm on your blogroll would you please be so kind to change it there too? Thanks!"
You can find her now over here: The Dutch Nail Blog
Hope you all change her name and visit her on her blog!

Well that was all for now!
Take care and see you soon.


  1. Thanks Romika for mentioning my blog, that's very sweet! I miss your lovely nails in this post!

  2. Thanks for mentioning my name change romika! :)

  3. @ Michelle: Your welcome! When I've got a little more time I will post again! See ya......

    @ Kisten: Your welcome too! Hope you missed no one concerning your name-change!

  4. Great blogs, both of them!

    PS. I like your new header.

  5. @ Nienna: Thank you Nienna, I wasn't completely satisfied with it so I changed it. I like it better now.