Monday, 12 April 2010

Herôme "Dublin Soft and Sweet"

Goodmorning/evening sweet followers and readers how are you doing today?

Already tuesday and an other day at the office.

Yesterday I had so much fun with my collegues about my nails.
They are always asking and looking what's new on my nails.
They are so adorable "my guys" :-))
The fun was al about winning a contest. Yes me!! Winning in a nailcontest
in the Netherlands. A Sally Hansen nailart-contest inspired on Brigitte Bardot
who stood in those days for a lot of glamour.
So the mani must be glamorous. They choose three of the nicest contributions.
I was one of those three!!!
I never win anything in my life so I was really surprised.
I won with my China Glaze mani which you find over here at my blog.

Secretly I feel a little bit proud.

But enough about that.
For today a mani from a while ago.
It's an other one from Herôme.

I can tell you that the Herôme polishes are all a bit thick.
So you have to use some thinner to make them a bit easier to apply.
For this one I used two layers of polish and apart from the thickness
of this polish it is a really dense polish and it covered my nails real
And despite that fact I love them all a lot!

This is Herôme W.I.C. Dublin 64.
A lovely soft and sweet color. Not a prominent one at all.
So you can use it when you are having your interview for a new job ;-)

Well look for yourself!

I wish you all a great day or evening and hope to see you soon!
Bye bye and thanks for reading.



  1. Thats really great news! Congratz girl! You deserved it =)

  2. Congrats on winning the contest!! You should feel very proud, your entry was gorgeous!

  3. You are posting a blog at 6 in the morning?!?!?!
    Wow you are an early bird! But a bird with pretty nails! xD
    Goodmorning to you and have a nice day at work.

  4. wow!!! thats a great color... and hey congratz sweety!!

  5. I love that colour! And the silver manicure was so pretty!

  6. Congratulations on winning the contest!
    Your nails look lovely, as always.

  7. @ zuzu: Yes it was very nice and unexpected! I'm happy with it :-) And thanks for your congrats.

    @ ChaosButterfly: Thank you for your compliments :-) It was nice to win, I never do!

    @ Polishsis: Hi dearie! Hahahaha yes I did. Well I'm always early, getting up about 5.15.
    And thanks for complimenting me :-) I really appriciate that :-)
    Well it's early right now too so I wish you also a goodmorning and a lovely day!
    Hope the wheater is still so lovely as yesterday.

    @ ThRiSzHa: Thanks sweetie! Color is very pretty, a soft shade maybe a bit dull
    for some people but it's nice to wear!
    Also for your congrats to me. Was unexpected but really nice to

    @ The Student's Guide To Nail Polish: Yes as I already said it's a lovely shade.
    The formula is maybe a bit thick but love the color. And thanks, yes the silver one is one of my
    own favorites too.

    @ ainos2: Thank you Lisa!! Winning was very nice :-) And thanks for your

  8. Congratulations on the win! Totally deserved! The mani is beautiful.

    You're so right. This Herome one is certainly a work-appropriate polish. :)

  9. @ Witoxicity: Thank you dear!!! Well I thought it was a soft color and it would be appropriate for a job interview by example.

  10. Lovely color. It looks like Baguette Me Not from OPI.

  11. @ Annigje: Hoi Annigje! Thank you! I don't know that color :-( Shall have a look at it!

  12. Congrat for the contest you have won !!! Your mani was very very very ..... beautiful, I love it !!!! Really

  13. @ Saori: Thank you so much dear!!!!!!!!!!!!!