Saturday, 10 April 2010

China Glaze Devotion topped with Fairy Dust

Goodevening dear people!

I wasn't much online this past week so I do not know how everybody
is doing at the moment. Of course I hope you all do well.

I had a tough and exhausting week and I am feeling a bit tired at the moment.
But it will pass I guess.

For today's post I made a simple mani.
My daughter bought some gorgeous nailpolishes (China Glaze) at a wholesaler a while ago. She bought some for me too.

I picked two of my new ones: Devotion and Fairy Dust both from China Glaze.

I personally think it is a lovely color. I topped it with Fairy Dust.
Still in the bottle I thought....behhhhh.....but on my nails I said WAUW.....

Such a lovely polish. Meant to be a topcoat and I love it.
Such tiny sparkles in it. They made the right choice to name it Fairy Dust.
It looks like that all over your nails. Gorgeous.

Well take a look for yourself.

That was all for today. I wish you al the best and a very nice weekend and maybe till
a next time.
Take care and love from me.


  1. Graet pictures! I really like the metallic finish and the application of this collection.
    I hope you get some rest this weekend and you will be able to enjoy the lovely weather.

  2. Lovely mani :D

    Een goed weekend en doe rustig aan!! :)

  3. I love that sparkly Fairy Dust!

  4. You are so creative! I never would have thought to pair these two. It's lovely!

  5. HOTT

    I have awarded your fabulous blog a sunshine award :)

  6. Love this combo, will have to try it. Fairy Dust is so much fun, I love it. Your nails are beautiful

  7. @polishsis: Thank you dear! Yes I love that collection very much :-)
    I had my share of piece this weekend pfffff.....needed that badley. For the wheater....
    not very nice today! It was raining some while ago over here :-(

    @ Linnie: Thanks sweetie! Dank je, ik heb vandaag niks gedaan, lekker gerommeld en bijgekomen!
    Komt goed :)

    @ L: Thank you dear!

    @ WizardsOfBling / Sylvia: Yes isn't she gorgeous :-))

    @ Evil Angel: Thank you Angel :-) As I said in the bottle I thought....behhhh. When I
    tried it out I was sold by this one. It's such a cute polish. The sparkles are gorgeous.
    So I combined it with Devotion and it turned out so right!

    @ Rebekah: Thanks! Thank for your award! I will do it later this week oke!

    @ Rebecca: Yes it is indeed! I'm in love with it :-))

    @ ~Elizabeth aka Lacquered Lizard: Thank you for your sweet compliments!
    Yesssssssss try it out!!! You made me blush ;-)

    @ Tassa: Yes it is! Gorgeous duo I think!

  8. @ Claire's Blog: Thank you!!

  9. Your nails are so long! =o mine keep breaking, what's your secret?
    Lovely nails ^_^

  10. goodmorning!

    You got tagged for the sunshine award!

    have a lovely day:)

  11. @ AMY;BABY: Thank you for your compliment! I have no secret. I do nothing special to let them grow. I t :-) I think it is genetical. They grow fast and they are strong by nature.
    My mother and daughter have strong nails too and they are growing fast.

    @ Crystaliciousss: Goodafternoon dearie!
    Thank your tagging me. I was already tagged for this one so I will menion you both whem I m going to post it oke!

  12. lol, i was tagged in a photo from the virgin islands. i was sailing aboard a caribbean yacht charter. It was very cool, snorkeling, sailing and lots of sun time at the beach

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