Tuesday, 20 April 2010

China Glaze "Awaken the Romantique one"

Hi everyone,

It is getting boring but how are you all?
I really do hope you're all doing fine.
First I want to say that I am looking at all of your blogs when I can!
I try to response whenever I can, sometimes I really do not have time for it all.
I really dislike that but it is how it is.
But I do love you all and admire your blogs! Please do remember this!

I'm doing okay, still very busy and tired unfortunately :-(
Do not have time for my nails and if the time is availble I am not in
a nail-thing mood :-(
Fortunately I made some mani's in advance so I can post something when I have time for it.

So for this mani I choose a polish from China Glaze.
It is from the 2009 Romantique collection.

It's name is Awaken and I love it.
It is a grey shade and it has a kind of gun-metallic look I think.
It applied well and I used two layers of it.

You also can use this one for stamping. It really works out great!

In the last few weeks I broke two of my nails. I was in doubt cutting them or repairing them.
This time I choose for repairing them.
I used some great silkwraps from Essence for it.
So easy to apply and it doesn't show at all.
At the Essence website you can find them:
This is what they say about it:
"everyone knows how horrible a torn nail feels… the SOS nail repair pads are true knights in shining armor for nail emergencies: when you stick them on the torn nail area and apply nail polish on top, they become transparent and can be filed into shape once dry"

It really works great and I can't even see the wraps on my nails.

But next week we've got a holiday and we want to work in our garden.
I think that it is not possible for me to do anything with my nails.
They are much too long.
Because I am not careful enough I already broke two them.
Can you imagine what will happen while I'm working in my garden :-(
So I am thinking of shorten them a lot.
Think that's better for my nails in this situation!
But still doubting......:-(((( Can't decide what to do????
Please help me!!!!!

I genuinely appriciate your visits at my blog and hope you will be doing this!
Thanks for being here again and I will see you next time.
I love you all.....sweet regards from me to all of you :-)


  1. This might be my fave metallic polish ever.

  2. I love this color on you and those essence things look AWESOME

  3. Oow this one is such a cutie! I like it on your nails! Your manicure looks quite romantic too :) I think you'd broke your nails if you work in the garden... If I were you I'd shorten them just a bit and hope for the best! =D
    Good luck!

  4. Aw Karin I love it! Too bad about the nails, maybe shorten them a little and work in the garden? You can always let them grow after you've finished the work. ;)

    Take it easy and I'll see you sunday! And I'll bring the nailart package haha. :)

  5. This looks wonderful on you! I wish I could apply it like this, but the romantiques just don't look good on me as a polish.. They work great for Konading though!

    Thanks for sharing and take care of yourself <3

  6. @ Öykü: Yes this collection is one of my favotites too. They are so gorgeous. I own a few more of them. I lobe them so much.

    @ Scandalous: Thank you dear. Those Essence things are really great. And you do not notice them on your nails after applying them! And they are kind of strong too.

    @ Tiana: Hi Tiana, thank you for your compliments!
    And yes I think my gardenwork will do my nails no good at all. I think I have to shorten them indeed. For the sake of my nails it would be better. Otherwise I think I will rip them all.
    Thanks for you reply!!

    @ Michelle: Hee sweetie! How are you?? I think you can use a big huge HUG!!!!
    Yes it was not nice breaking two of them :-(
    But I guess you are right and I have to shorten them. They will grow again. They are fast growers :-)
    I will do ofcourse ad till sunday! I'm looking forward to it!

  7. ohhhh.. I have that essence silk wrap sheets.. does it only 12 pcs. exactly for the nails? would u care to show whats inside on that silk wrap?
    oohhh.. romantiques polish are great for konading!!

  8. What, are you CRAAAZY. Don't chop. I'd say: hire a gardener ;-D

  9. @ Daph_ : Thank you dearie. Well it is a gorgeous polish although it is a bit streaky.
    But it worked out okay. And for stamping they really are great I agree with you.
    Thank you and I will do.....see you sunday!Looking forward to it.

    @ ThRiSzHa: Hee sweetie. They are indeed incredible. I have used them for the first tme now and want to have a lot of them in case I break a nails. They work out really great for me. Yes one package contains 12 and there are 6 different sizes in it.
    I uploaded a new picture of it in my post, so you can have a look.

    @ Michèle: YES I'm CRAZY.....but you already knew that :-)))) are hired now.....:-)

  10. I love the whole collection and Awaken looks amazing on you! Very pretty :)

  11. Your nails and this color are amazing!

  12. I love Awaken! It looks lovely on you!
    I would shorten them because it hurts so bad when you break one back too far, so safer just to go a bit shorter.

  13. Wat een prachtige lak!
    Lastig hoor, maar ik zeg knippen/veilen. Dan blijven ze mooier. En voor mij zou het psychologisch ook schelen,
    haha. Dan heb ik er zelf voor gekozen ze netjes af te veilen. Als ik ze wel lang zou houden en heel voorzichtig in de tuin bezig ga en als nog breek, zou ik extra teleurgesteld zijn.
    Succes in de tuin!

  14. @ AllYouDesire: Yes me too, it is a lovely collection. And thank you for your compliment :-)

    @ NY*NAIL*DIVA: Thank you!!!! :-))

    @ ainos2: Thank you dearie!

    @ Evil Angel: Thanks! I love it too so much. This is such a gorgeous collection.
    i do think you are right. But still in doubt! I should know better :-(

    @ xibalbasblog: ja het is zeker een prachtige lak alhoewel het er een beetje streperig uitziet.
    Knikt....ja ik denk ook dat je gelijk hebt maar ik vind het zo zonde om ze te kortwieken :-(
    Maar het is denk ik toch beter. Je hebt helemaal gelijk in je laatste zin.
    Als ik het niet zou doen en er zou iets breken zou ik ook denken, heh....had ik het nu maar wel gedaan.
    Dilemma's....dilemma's :-)

  15. @ Claire's Blog: Thank you so much :-)

  16. I definitely say shorten them! My personal preference is short nails. I love your blog and all your nail polishes, very pretty! Do you know where Herome nail polish can be purchased in the United States, particularly San Francisco? I've only just heard of it recently and would love to grab a bottle! Have fun gardening hun!
    - Christina

  17. Gorgeous Color! love the pictures too!

  18. @ Christina: Thank you for responding! Yes I think I have to do that indeed. It is difficult to decide :-(. I can give you the herome website,
    They do have a webshop so maybe you can order. And otherwise you can contact them and aks them.
    Thank you and till some other time :-)

  19. @ Naiyana: Thanks, it is indeed a lovely color! And nice to know you like my pictures :-) thanks again.

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