Friday, 2 April 2010

Bugs Nail Contest! You can vote now!

Hi sweet readers,

I participated in a Bugs nailcontest.
Nothing for me but because it was organized by Michelle from
The Laquer Files I joined and sent a bugmani.

Feel free to vote for me if you like it.
There are a lot of ladies with gorgeous entries.
So check it out over here!!!

For this mani I used:
Herôme W.I.C.: Edinburgh
For the sparkling web: China Glaze Fairy Dust
For stamping Chez Delaney's plates: H22 and H25
For the spiders body from Dollar Nail Art: Black dots 1,5 mm

Bye and thank your reading!! :-)
See you next time.


  1. Gasp! That is the most perfect spider manicure ever! Hope you don't mind, I'm stealing your picture for my screen saver! :)

  2. This looks really pretty! Your Konading skills are amazing :)

  3. @ Evil Angel: Hee sweetie!!! Thank you so much :-) Yes steal it away :-) That's okay!!!

    @ The Student's Guide To Nail Polish: Thank you so much for your compliments!!

  4. Oh wow! This is so awesome, you did a great job with this!

  5. I love your mani. :) It looks gorgeous. If I would not be participant of the contest I would definitely vote for your spiders. ;)

  6. @ Jackie S.: don't like spiders???

    @ Nicolole: Thank you Nicole. It was nice and fun making this mani.

    @ Tassa: Thank you dear! You made a nice mani yourself too!!!! You've got a lot of votes I saw!!
    Well done!!!

    @ Nihrida: Thank you dear!

    @ ThRiSzHa: Ohh thank you so much!! And thanks for your vote :-))

  7. Echt een van de leukste mani's éver! Echt, super leuk gedaan :)

  8. Whaou I am very impressed by you konadicure, it's frighten me lol

  9. I don't like spiders (too many legs), BUT I WILL vote for you :) Good luck!

  10. @ Xibalbasblog: Dank je voor je complimenten!!! Doet me goed :-)

    @ Saori: Thanks Saori!!! Hahahaha....yes they look a bit scarry :-)

    @ Jackie S. : I'm a bit afraid of them too irl! But thank you so much for your vote. I appriciate that a lot!

  11. That's an amazing mani!! I love how you finished off the look for the spiders! Good luck with your entry! :)

  12. @ Witoxicity: Thanks!!! And als for your sweet compliment!

  13. @ Skulda: Hee Skulda!!! How are you???
    Thank you for your comment! Nice to see you :-)