Monday, 26 April 2010

My entry for the Nail contest at Glamorous Geek Chic

Hi lovely readers,

I told you a few days ago about a nailcontest which was organized by
Kayla of Glamorous Geek Chic.

The contest is finished and this was my entry.
I can't ask you to vote for me because of the voting-rules.
You can see it over here!

Unfortunately there was a problem with the votingsystem. But you can vote again if you want.
For voting you have to go over to this post "VOTE"

Only followers of Kayla's blog are allowed to vote.
So if you are a follower you are free to vote for me if you like!
Thanks in advance :-)

Thanks for looking and a very nice day to you all :-)


  1. Wow, that's really pretty! You did a great job Romika!

  2. U'RE nails are getting long..good luck

  3. So pretty! Great composition<3

  4. this design is beautiful !! Good luck for the contest :)

  5. @ Lauren: Ohh thank you dear!! "blushhhhh"

    @ ThRiSzha: Thank you so much dearie! Wish you good luck too!

    @ KONADomania: Thank you dear! Did my best for it.

    @ Evil Angel: Thank you sweet angel! Hope the best of it :-)))

    @ Saori: Merci beaucoup ma cherie!

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