Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Playdate with the girls and the polishes :-) and Milani Hi-Tech holo

Hi guys........

How are you doing?

Today a gorgeous sunny day and we worked in our garden.
My parents in law were visiting us today because we have a week off from work.
So we were working in our garden all together (and my nails are still long, didn't shorten them yet :-( ).
It was a lovely day!

But last sunday we had a playdate over here at my home.
Natasja (she don't has a blog), Michelle from The Lacquer Files, Daph from Nailswatches and of course Michèle from Lacquerized. (my daughter)
And we had so much fun.
I'm looking forward for our next playdate!!!

So much gorgeous and awesome polishes together that I couldn't decide what to do :-(
Just sitting and looking at all those bottles......
It could drive you nuts .... hahahahaha.......
But we all had that issue :-)

Here some pictures ...............

:-( my hand looks awfull
I was wearing a Milani Holo, Hi-Tech.

First pictures were of my righthand without nailart.
The last two are from my lefthand and I put some stars on it.

Thanks for visiting again and watching!
Have a nice evening/day and till next time.

Love Karin


  1. It was great! Really looking forward to our next playdate! <3

    Love the Milani, looks great with the stars on it!

  2. Great post! I really liked meeting you in person :) Our playdate was a lot of fun! There's already an active datepicker for the next playdate..

    The stars on Hi-Tech look great! That holo really looks good on you :)

  3. That looks like so much fun!! My gf's don't have a nail polish collection like mine but I bet it would be find to just get a big ol' box of polish and just go crazy! :D

  4. Wat een mooie holo!
    Ziet er gezellig uit :)

  5. I love Hi-Tech! It looks great on your nails!

  6. @ Michelle: Yes I thought so too :-) And here the same......looking forward to it.
    The Milani is great but my hands are to pale I guess. Maybe something
    for the summertime.

    @ Daph: thank you sweetie! Yes had the same for you! And the playdate was great.
    Looking forward to the next one.
    I love the holo but as I said to Michelle, my skintone doesn't fit it quite.

    @ Skulda: Yes it looks and it was so much fun! I'm sorry to hear.
    Well I can say come on over to us, you are very welcome!

    @ Xibalbasblog: Dank je! ja het was echt heel erg leuk en we hebben genoten. Voor herhaling vatbaar.

    @ DistantDreamer: Thanks dearie!

  7. Oooo, that Milani holo is so blindingly beautiful! Love! :)

  8. @ Witoxicitÿ: Thank you dear! Yes it is indeed :-)

  9. You're a cool mom! it makes me miss my mom... =)

  10. How are you today? Hope you had and will have a great day!!
    Everything was very busy today and tonight I wanted to polish my nails and do something nice with them.
    But it didn't worked out unfortunately! It didn't became as I had in mind.
    So its a little boring mani. But I haven't seen it by daylight and it could be a surprise tomorrow morning. I'll wait and see.
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