Saturday, 1 May 2010

From nails to swimmdresses :-)

Goodmorning dear ones,

Today a rainy day in The Netherlands. Brrrr and it's cold once again.
Where is our spring??? I want it back :-)
And how are you doing?
I especially want to thank my fellowbloggers who responded at my yesterday's post.
Thank you girls. I appriciated this a lot. It is something to remember, this should not happen again.

Today a post about my dear sister in law and her hubby.
My sister in law had a training some years ago to be a nailtechnican.
She almost got her own salon at her house but she didn't go through with it.
Nowadays she has a pair of lovely gelnails. From another salon!
I was allowed to make some pictures of her mani.
She especially got this mani because she and her hubby were going to a big stockmarket to promote their own business.

After not starting her nailbusiness she and her husband started a gorgeous webshop a while ago named "Beauty-vol".
And no nails to find I can tell you ;-(
But they sell the most gorgeous swimdresses and tunics and more!
This webshop provides in swimwear-fashion for people with sizes 42-64.
So this is so great for the shapely women.
I can imagine they do not want to put on a bikini or a regular swimsuit.
So thatswhy she started this business. Having a bigger size herself too she does know how people feel about this issue.
Me wearing a size 38/40 can't buy anything from her unfortunately. She really has great stuff going on there.

If you like you can take a look over there she would love to see you all.
She sells worldwide so it doesn't matter where you live.

Thanks for stopping by and take care you all.
I love you all!


  1. Leuke nagels, ik heb nu zoiets alleen dan met knallend paars en donkerblauw haha.
    Die zwemkleding is ook leuk, maar niet mijn maat.

  2. très joli ce nail art ! j'aime beaucoup

  3. @ Drusilla: Ja zijn mooi gezet en met leuke nailart erop. Knikt...ja ik heb ook een kleinere maat maar voor de grotere maten heeft ze echt superdingen.

    @ Merci beaucoup Pascale!

  4. @ Mariel: Dank je.....ik zal het haar doorgeven :-)

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