Sunday, 2 May 2010

Essence Show your feet "Dashing with Flashy Pink"


This rainy sunday I have a flashy mani for you all.
Still busy and not feeling like I should be :-(
Fortunately I have a little supply of some mani's I did a while ago.
So I can use them in times like this.

I did a mani looking quite prominent I think.
It's a bright pink color from Essence.
The name speaks for itself.
Flashy Pink. And flashy she is. Wow such a bright creme polish.
With one layer it is already quite opaque but I did two layers to be sure.
I have to say that its formula was oke this time.

Actually it is from the "Show your feet" collection.
But they do great on your hands :-)
After polishing I did some striping and decoration.
Just because I like nailart so much.
Well struggling with the tape but in the end it stuck finally to my nails.
Pff....don't know if you also have these problems by appling this tape?
What am I doing wrong???

And finishing with those gorgeous studs wich I got from DollarnailArt.
I think the result was really nice!

What do you think of it??

This was it for now.
Wishing you all a great day and thank you for stopping by.
Till next time.

Love from Karin


  1. I think you did a wonderful job with the striping tape! I tried it once and only on one nail because I didn't have the patience to do it on all my nails - so yes, I had the same issues. It looks very pretty on you!

  2. wow! those look hardcore awesome!

  3. Gorgeous manicure! Love the whole combination<3 in your pic it looks like very berry from the same syf collection

  4. Niiiiice! :D Striping tape sucks, it looks really good though

  5. Great color !!! Mani simple but elegant I find :)

  6. Ik vind dit echt zo'n leuke mani, lekker vrolijk kleurtje :-D En studs he, helemaal goed <3

  7. this is pretty.. ohh i also have some stripping issue on the edge.. I always put a 2 thick coat whenever I put stripping tape on my nails..but still it lift up on the edge =(

  8. Leuk gedaan! Erg apart :)

  9. Very nice! I love the look with that striping tape.

  10. @ Helena (XOXO Parisky): Thank you so much!

    @ Daph: Thank you sweetie.......hahaha....
    yes it is a crime to get it on your nails :-(

    @ Emma: :-) Thank you!!!

    @ KONADomania: Thanks dear! I thought it looked like okay too!
    Maybe it's because of the computer, maybe the color isn't accurate.
    IRL I don't think they look a like.

    @ Michelle: hahahaha......yes it does......and thanks sweetie.

    @ Saori: Merci beacoup ma cherie.....I think it looks good too myself.

    @ Michèle: Ja leuk is hij heh....vond ik nou ook. Ja die studs zijn echt helemaal leuk.
    Blij dat ik die heb besteld toen.

    @ ThRiSzHa: Thank you dear! Yes it isn't great to work with. Almost everyone has an issue with it I guess.

    @ Mariel: Dank je Mariel! Gewoon een beetje uitproberen :-)

    @ Kirsten: Thanks dearie......try it sometimes!

  11. @ Spaceinvader: Hi Gwen! Thanks and nice to see you over here :-)

  12. This is absolutely stunning! Very glamorous! :)

  13. wow you have some beautiful nails..this design is very hot

  14. leuk!
    ik heb een give away op mn blog, misschien wil je meedoen =D

  15. @ Witoxicity: Thanks dearie :-)

    @ kory_nails: Thank you so much :-) It was just something I tried but the result was nice I agree! It was fun doing these nails.

    @ you nailed it!: Dank je! Ik zal even kijken bij je oke!

  16. Very nicely done! Love the colors and the striping tape :-)

  17. Very beautiful and elegant!

    You have a little award on my blog:

  18. @ Iris: Thank you so much! :-)

    @ Camy: Thank you so much! I will publish it on my blog! :-)

  19. This is beautiful. I makes me want to rush and buy some striping tape but I doubt I could do it nearly as well as you!

  20. Beautiful! Feminine, with a bit of edge to it :)

  21. @ Mighty :ambchop: Thank you dear!!! Well mabye this will help you, I not good at it at all :-(
    I was fighting like hell to keep them on my nails. It is not easily to apply. But give it a try. I'm sure you can do it!

    @ CathCrimsonRose: :-) Thank you so much!

  22. I have a secret passion for your nails! haha
    No but I love all the manicures you do to them!


  23. mooie nagels heb je! en wat leuk gedaan zo met die studs :D


  24. id love to see how you do this beautiful art on your feet

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